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Bella Rios : Sincerely Review

Bella Rios : Sincerely Review

by Shannon Smith

From the vibrant city of Chicago to the musical crucible of Nashville, Bella Rios’s journey began at the tender age of five when she first started learning classical piano. Influenced by musical greats like Queen, Fleetwood Mac, and Aerosmith and contemporary icons such as Adele, P!nk, and Lady Gaga, Bella sets herself apart with her dynamic vocal performances and powerfully connective songwriting. Now a junior at Princeton University studying Economics, she vibe-checks her songs with friends—if they love them or are moved by them, she knows she’s onto something. With her debut EP, Sincerely, under her belt, Bella Rios is an unstoppable force in the pop landscape.

Written over the last few years, Sincerely finds Bella coming into her own as a young woman. The EP is an authentic collection of songs that sees Bella wrestle with the euphoria of love, the crushing lows of heartbreak, and the vertigo-inducing peaks and valleys of mental health. From the pop-punk-inspired anthem “Ever After” to the heart-wrenching shuffle ballad “Walking in the Rain,” the tracks on Sincerely are exceedingly fun to sing along with and reflect Bella’s growth as an artist and a woman.

“Ever After” is an angsty break-up anthem with a catchy guitar part supporting Rios’ expressive vocals as she navigates a developing song form. Each section introduces new sounds, creatively aligning with the lyrical storyline. The song is a solid pop-rock vibe that lingers long after the track ends.

“Nevermind” opens with melodious piano chords. This song focuses on Rios’ animated vocal style as she builds the song’s story. The instrumentation melodically builds under Rios’ vocals; the drums, guitar, and synths are fully developed by the second chorus, adding a rich texture. The subtle backing vocals add distinct colors, and a tasteful guitar solo provides a nice touch.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You” is based on the electronica and dance genre. This track features feel changes that highlight Rios’ ability to alter her timbre and articulation to match the dance-pop musical setting. Her vocals come across as smooth and versatile, adeptly adapting to different pop styles convincingly.

Buckle up for a power surge! “In the Dark” is a thrilling blend of power pop and rock, infused with the spirit of Fleetwood Mac’s soaring guitars. Think driving riffs reminiscent of their classic hits. Rios’ vocals steal the show, channeling the raw power of P!NK and the electrifying theatricality of Lady Gaga. Her delivery isn’t just strong; it’s nuanced, weaving in soulful runs and R&B-inspired riffs that add layers of depth. The energy explodes with a scorching guitar solo, building toward a powerful bridge where Rios unleashes her full potential, belting out robust and exhilarating high notes.

“Walking in the Rain,” don’t let the title fool you—this isn’t a slow-moving ballad. It’s a captivating blend of rock-and-roll swagger and soulful depth, driven by a steady 6/8 beat. Rios’ vocals take center stage, showcasing a softer, more vulnerable side. Her voice weaves a melody with a surprisingly wide range, effortlessly traversing her entire tessitura. The tonal balance is impressive, allowing her expressive delivery and raw emotion to shine through. This track is a testament to Rios’ versatility and undeniable vocal talent.

The release of Sincerely was complemented by a cinematic video for “Walking in the Rain,” where Bella stuns in gorgeous gowns running through the rainy city. The video perfectly captures the heartfelt chorus: “So I listen to happy songs while walking in the rain/Trying to keep my head up cuz that’s what this song is saying.”

“Filming the video for ‘Walking in the Rain’ was such a special experience,” says Bella Rios. “It is always amazing to see the story I imagined while writing the song come to life. Filming this video was entertaining for me because it really played into my love of glam and drama. I will admit though, those rain room scenes were a bit chilly.”

Bella Rios’s Sincerely is a promising debut that positions her as a rising star in the pop landscape. Her ability to blend genres, draw from diverse influences, and deliver powerful vocal performances makes this EP a must-listen for any pop music enthusiast. The authentic, relatable lyrics and dynamic instrumentation ensure that Bella’s music will resonate with a broad audience, making her an unstoppable force in the music industry.

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