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You could also call this  “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” This is where we talk about the importance of music in all of our lives. Think about what drives you and how music can shape that with emotion and what’s unique about each album.  This is the nucleus of what our goal is to share with you. Ultimately, it is our goal to suggest and inform in a brief format so you can get the most important  step.  Listening to the music.  What you find here should be something distinct and interesting and you can see what sets albums apart from others in the same genre and the music world as a whole.

Our Story

Every review site has a beginning, and this is ours. We want to share our passion for music with the creation of something new. We love everything music – and we know the influence it has had for each of us in our lives.  Music is transformative, how could we not share our passion.

Meet the Team

Why? Because people want to know who is building the site and writing the reviews. It’s a human thing.

SIR Founder Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith


A fan of music my entire life.  Should that be enough, well it is for me.  Who buys music, the fans. Who listens to music, the fans.  Like me, there are many like-minded individuals that daily search for meaningful and new music to add to their playlist, their soundtrack of life.  A life without music would Bb. Yes, I have seen that saying floating around for years, and truth is, its #truth.  So, may I introduce you to Shannon Smith (me).  I am the editor.  A music junkie that can’t get enough music in my life.  A nerd (proudly), with some mad love for technology and design.  It is that desire that sparked Sound in Review.  Life is busy, the reviews are meant to ultimately introduce and briefly talk about the music.  We have a section called SIR Quote: this is my way of saying thank you, to the countless artists making the world a place of expression.  Show yours by rating each artists album, just as we have (collectively as writers), to show your support for your favorite artist.


Steven Miller


Music saved my life, literally. I grew up in a financially depressed area that went through and economic downturn after its main industry left the country.  Sound familiar?  I knew education was going to be my only way out. Well, that was partially true. I graduated like so many of my peers papered and ready.  Then, I could not get a job, anywhere.  There were too many applicants who also were equally educated and all of us were vying for the same jobs.  I reinvented myself and changed my attitude towards what type of job industry I should be involved in. Today I work for a thriving dog product company researching what products bring joy to our best friends with four legs.  During my down times it was music and my dog that carried me through.  I have always believed in the power of music, in my life it has proven its value. This is my way of giving back to the creative souls that make my life shine.

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