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Mia Ferrari: Where U From? Review

Mia Ferrari: Where U From? Review

mir-ferrari-sirMia Ferrari (Mia Soarez) is a songwriter, vocalist and Instagram influencer. Ferrari has over 87K following her post about fashion and music. She has worked with Ralph Lauren, O2 Music among others. Now based in London, the Portugal singer is releasing a single titled. “Where U From?”

With a bright guitar figure setting the mood, Ferrari delivers the pop melody with confidence and a flirty playfulness. “Where U From?” was inspired by the fact that every time Ferrari meets someone new, it never takes long before they ask her, “Where are you from?” One of the main reasons for this is Ferrari’s unique accent that people have a hard time placing. Ferrari explains that the lyrics, “Regardless of language, feelings emerge, and we can only try our best to show them. “Where U From” reflects thoughts and feelings during that time and the choice of transitioning from talking with in a language to talking with the body, hoping not to get lost in translation.” The music is pop focused with Ferrari showing a respectable vocal range. The production is kept to minim, the focus is really Ferrari’s vocals. She has lyrics that flow and a melody that is memorable.

With a super-pop feeling and lyrical hookability, Ferrari takes the idea of a simple conversations and crafts it into a memorable pop song.  Filled with vocal layers and a sunny attitude, the model turned vocalist once again has melded her two assets into a likeable listen.


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Mia Ferrari

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Where U From?

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June 14, 2019


Mia Ferrari

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