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Val Giamo : Stay With Me For Thirty Minutes Review

Val Giamo : Stay With Me For Thirty Minutes Review

Val-Giamo-SIR-cdVal Giamo’s latest album, Stay With Me For Thirty Minutes, released in December 2023, is a musical journey filled with her ability to weave intricate stories through the emotive sounds of solo piano and, piano and cello. Living in Gothenburg, Sweden, Giamo has honed her craft over the years, drawing from a rich array of influences and experiences. From her classical education in Russia to her explorations in various music genres, her work culminates in this album—a narrative journey shared with cellist Axel Vilborg, who joins her for two selections.

The album opens with “Let Us Find A Place,” immediately setting a tone of restless searching. Giamo’s expressive piano builds the narrative with a foreboding bass part and the hopeful lightness of the B section, capturing the essence of seeking solace in the unknown. Giamo’s dynamic on the piano portrays a vivid picture of the excitement and mystery of travel. This piece serves as an invitation into Giamo’s seductive and expressive world, where each track delves deeper into the emotional landscapes she meticulously crafts.

“An Abandoned House” and “Far Away From Home” further develop this narrative, with moving arpeggios and harmonic surprises that speak to the themes of exploration and introspection. Giamo’s phrasing and the emotional depth she brings to these compositions create a sense of comfort amid uncertainty. The introduction of Vilborg’s cello in “We Are Two Rivers Joined” adds a new layer of warmth and connection, beautifully illustrating the fleeting peace found in the gaze of a stranger.

As the album progresses, tracks like “Words Are Gone As Waves” and “Look At Me” explore the complexities of communication and connection without words. Giamo’s refined touch and the nuanced layers on the piano highlight the album’s exploration of silence and solitude as spaces where inner peace can be discovered.

“Cold Hand But Warm Embrace” and “Against The Silence” stand out for their conversational dynamic between the instruments, embodying the album’s theme of finding solace and understanding in unexpected encounters. The romantic and contemporary harmonies, alongside Giamo’s consummate compositional style, invite listeners to find their own stories within the music.

“A Picture Of You” and “I Remember To Forget” continue this narrative journey, with Giamo showcasing her classical skills and ability to convey complex emotions through her compositions. The album concludes with “Three Minutes Left,” a reflective piece that revisits the motifs and themes explored throughout the album. Giamo’s passionate and expressive playing captures the essence of the album—a journey that, while it must end, leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Stay With Me For Thirty Minutes is an experience of grace and music’s communitive power. Through the expressions of Giamo’s compositions and playing along with two songs with Axel Vilborg, listeners are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, reflection, and emotional depth. Giamo’s narrative offers a unique listening experience that transcends the boundaries of classical and contemporary music.


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Val Giamo

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Stay With Me For Thirty Minutes

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December 29, 2024


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