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Joe Bonamassa Redemption Review

Joe Bonamassa Redemption Review

joe-bonamassa-coverJoe Bonamassa has to be the hardest working guitarist and vocalist in the blues genre! Practically every title that comes across my desk in blues, the man is playing on everything and puts outs albums constantly. The amazing thing is though, it’s all great. Bonamassa is a very consistent player and everything he touches turns into blues gold. Redemption is Bonamassa’s latest twelve track album. With a nice mix of material, Bonamassa’s big sound is added with a three-part backing singer lineup and a rock-solid band. His vocals are robust, heart-felt and his lyrics are personal and tell a story. Certainly, Bonamassa is obviously a man with a musical mission.

Furthermore, for Led Zeppelin fans, you will hear multiple quotes and influences from various songs throughout the album. Bonamassa’s voice is getting better and better with each year that passes, his flexible voice is tactile in its approach. Combine that with three outstanding backing singers and unshakable vocal harmonies and above all Redemption with knock your socks off!

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Joe Bonamassa

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September 21, 2018


J&R Adventures



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It nice to see a great group of musicians making music together. Consequently, Bonamassa has got a winning sound on this album. The performances are top-shelf, filled with soulful, solid blues laden melodies. Bonamassa is not showing any signs of slowing down, his voice is filled with buoyancy and articulates the raw energy of the blues with ardor.

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