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Joler Gaan : Noyon Joler Gaan Review

Joler Gaan : Noyon Joler Gaan Review

Joler-Gaan-sirJoler Gaan is a band that believes that their spiritual and emotional awareness originated from water, their music is created through embracing this divine connection. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Joler Gaan is comprised of Rahul Anand, Rana Sarwar, ABS Xem, Md. Masum, Mallik Yishorja, Dip Ray, Lippu Asim, and Gopi Devnath. Joler Gaan is releasing a new album titled, Noyon Joler Gaan. The album contains twelve compositions all composed by Rahul Ananda. The music is contemporary, yet distinctive, blending various musical styles to create a world music sound that is fresh and compelling. The compositions have singing and varied instruments as each track develops with improvised and organized structures to create new sounds. Joler Gaan says, “We are the children of the soil where the river purifies us. We whisper the symphonies of this genre in soft and soothing voices. Dark at night our dreams express themselves on a sailing boat in a land of natural abundance. To us the rivers are like lives flowing away undeterred. And sometimes they are poignant features of our ethnic roots. We sail away in the world of fantasy and imagination. We aspire to know why the bird sings, why the sprinkling of water sounds harmonious. With questions like these churning in our minds we hum the tunes and sing Joler Gaan in unhindered voices.”

“Bondhu” starts with an intriguing rhythmic figure that builds the excitement and anticipation for the music to come. The melody is well sung, and the multiple voices add to the energy. There is a little influence of an Irish Jig in the instrumental sections. Each pass through the form brings in new sounds and instruments. The groove is infectious, and the percussion is a highlight. The flute also adds to the instrumental colors. The composition is well-written and has a balance of activity of singing and instrumental sections.

“Manush O Mukhosh” also starts with an exotic rhythm that develops into a steady rock inspired beat. The middle eastern instruments add to the exotic flavor and the sympathetic strings add character. The composition has many sections and the high light is the orchestration of the instrumental sections. The various instruments keep the composition fresh and moving forward. The lead vocals are impassioned, and he sings with character and precision. The guttural singing at the end of the tune is interesting as it fades into a beat poetry section.

Noyon Joler Gaan is filled with character in spiritual music from the first to the last note. The playing and singing is showcased brilliantly with Ananda’s compositions. The set of music brings a new and fresh sound to contemporary Indian music with influences from around the world. However, one can still hear the traditional Indian music deep within each song’s roots. This is a glorious celebration of life through music.


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Artist Name

Joler Gaan

Album Title

Noyon Joler Gaan

Release Date

October 27, 2019


Joler Gaan


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