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The War And Treaty : Hearts Town Review

The War And Treaty : Hearts Town Review

the-war-and-treaty-cdThe War And Treaty (Michael & Tanya Trotter) is a critically acclaimed duo with foundations of Southern soul with elements of gospel, country, rock ‘n roll, and blues. The duet is returning with a new album called Hearts Town, built on twelve tracks that reflect this Nashville-based husband/wife team’s most robust material to date. The majority of the material was recorded at Blackbird Studio and featured esteemed musicians Jason Isbell, Jerry Douglas, and Punch Brothers guitarist Chris Eldridge. Hearts Town was produced by Michael and co-produced by Tanya and the duo’s longtime music director Max Brown.

“Yearning” sets the album’s tone with a gospel-infused feel and a powerful narrative of loving without limits. The gospel touch to the singing makes the melody soulful, and the crunchy guitar adds power. The vocal harmonies will inspire, and the passion of delivery will awe. Michael’s lead vocals are rhythmically exciting, and his tone his full. Tanya’s backing vocals are beautiful, and her high notes are impressive. Eldridge plays a fitting solo. A great start to a passionate set of music.

The title track hits home and delivers the message and meaning behind the whole project. “Hearts Town is a neighborhood strictly made up of people who all share the same kind of heart: hearts that love, hearts that heal, hearts that don’t see division,” says Michael. “There’s all different types of people within that neighborhood, but they’re still somehow all working together-which is exactly the kind of town we want to live in.” With organ support, the duet shares the lead vocal responsibilities. The country influence makes this track even more diverse and shows that the duet is at home in many styles. The music is created by a diverse community of musicians working together to achieve something powerful. Now that is real power.

Hearts Town is a powerful statement by The War And Treaty. The musical plea for unity in times of division is moving. “Right now, a lot of people are feeling so deeply engulfed in pain and surrounded by negativity, and sometimes you just need to hear that you’re good,” says Tanya. “That’s the whole idea behind Hearts Town: no one’s trying to change what you think or how you talk or anything else about you. You’re just fine the way you are.” With twelve tracks that traverse many styles and sounds, Hearts Town is a must-have album.


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The War and Treaty

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Hearts Town

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July 16, 2020



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