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Becoming Young : Feeling Single Review

Becoming Young : Feeling Single Review

becoming-young-cdBecoming Young is the pseudonym name for Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brandon Calano.  The name Becoming Young symbolizes our collective journey to let go of the emotional walls, insecurities, and self-imposed rules that keep us from fully living, a rallying call of reclamation. It’s a dare to dive in headfirst and find wonder through it all—joy and pain, life and death, triumph and defeat. The style is a fizzy pop sound with refreshingly restless narratives that capture self-realization and love. Becoming Young is now releasing his latest release, Feeling Single.

“High” has a catchy clean electric guitar that accompanies Calano’s rhythmically active melody. The vocal harmonies add a full color. The beat is relaxed, and the storyline is about falling in love. There are elements of electro-pop; overall, the song is focused on Calano’s vocals. The melody is well-structured, and the sparse instrumentation allows Calano’s voice to shine.

“Cherry Twist” is the highlight of the album. Calano’s voice rings clear with fewer effects, and the quiet female backing vocals add to the song’s texture. Calano likes rhythmically dense melodies, but the production keeps his lyrics and sounds easy to hear. The drums sound good but could use more changes and variations.

Becoming Young has a unique vocal sound that keeps the eight tracks on Feeling Single exciting and worth adding to a playlist. The dance beats run through the selections, and Calano’s rhythmic singing keeps the flow moving. If you are into electro-pop, Becoming Young’s Feeling Single is a good find.


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Artist Name

Becoming Young

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Feeling Single

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August 28, 2020


Brandon Calano Sound, LLC

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