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Anna Hillburg : Tired Girls Review

Anna Hillburg : Tired Girls Review

Anna-Hillburg-SIR-CDAnna Hillburg’s latest album, Tired Girls, brings solid songwriting and tones to the indie pop genre, encapsulating the essence of contemporary womanhood through its intricate soundscapes and lyrical depth. With Hillburg’s decades of experience in the Bay Area’s music scene and a background that boasts collaborations with acts like Shannon and The Clams and The Dodos, her third solo album unfolds as a journey through her evolving artistry with her songwriting, instrumentation, and thematic exploration.

Tired Girls, released on October 13, 2023, by Speakeasy Studios SF, benefits from the collaboration between Hillburg and Jason Quever of The Papercuts, who co-produced and recorded the album. This partnership has birthed a collection that weaves together dreamy soundscapes with an underlying chamber pop sensibility, highlighting Hillburg’s vocal tone and style and her adeptness with the trumpet, among other instruments. The album benefits greatly from the recording environment provided by Speakeasy Studios SF, a female-owned label and studio that adds a layer of authenticity and grassroots charm to the project.

At the heart of Tired Girls lies a narrative that challenges conventional narratives surrounding femininity and love. Through songs like the title track “Tired Girls” and the first single “Holdin’ On,” Hillburg delves into the pressures and expectations placed upon women, advocating for a reassessment of self-worth and individuality beyond societal norms. “Girl Girl Girl,” another standout track, bridges generational divides, offering a reflective yet forward-looking take on the female experience across different eras.

Musically, Hillburg’s rich background in classical music and her experience across various roles in the music industry shines through. The album is a layered composition of pop hooks, garage rock elements, and classical music touches, particularly evident in the elaborate horn arrangements and piano parts punctuating the tracks. These elements, combined with lyrical introspections on womanhood, feminism, and personal growth, make Tired Girls a compelling listen.

The album showcases Hillburg’s multifaceted talents as a musician—spanning vocals, trumpet, guitar, and beyond—as well as her acute awareness of her role as a female artist in today’s world. She addresses themes of love, loss, hope, and resilience with a nuanced touch while maintaining an engaging, danceable quality in her music.

The production, handled by Hillburg and Quever, adeptly captures the essence of the album’s themes, marrying the dreaminess of indie pop with the emotional gravitas of the lyrics. The supporting musicians, including Logan Kroeber on drums, Josh Miller on bass, and Yea Ming Chen on keys, contribute to an expansive and detailed sound, grounding Hillburg’s explorations in lush musical landscapes.

Tired Girls showcases Hillburg as a mature artist who has finely honed her craft. The album reflects on and celebrates the complexities of womanhood, rendered through the prism of Hillburg’s unique musical vision. It resonates with listeners on a personal level but also contributes meaningfully to the ongoing dialogue around feminism and self-identity in music. Tired Girls is undeniably a pop record that will reward your attention and time.


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Anna Hillburg

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Tired Girls

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October 13, 2023


Speakeasy Studios SF

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