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Big Wild, Superdream Review

Big Wild, Superdream Review

big-wild-sir-cdJackson Stell, known by his stage name of Big Wild, is an electronic DJ, producer, composer, and engineer. Stell was born in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  At only fourteen, Stell started making hip-hop influenced beats under the name “JBeats.” However, it wasn’t until his girlfriend took him to Big Sur California in 2012 that he began making music under the name Big Wild. Once under the name Big Wild, Stell began producing distinctively atmospheric, groove-oriented tracks.  Big Wild’s first EP, The Invincible EP, was released in early 2017 on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label and included the single “I Just Wanna” plus features for Yuna and iDA HAWK. Big Wild released his debut album, Superdream, on February 1, 2019.

“City of Sound” kicks off with lo-fi sounds, but soon the big production sounds kick in from Big Wild. The melody is sung in a high falsetto voice. The verse is kept fairly sparse, but the chorus brings in multiple sounds to fatten the sound and energy. Big Wild has an ear for harmony vocals and they float in and out to add character and color to the melody. The bridge is my favorite part, the rhythmic activity kicks it up a notch and the synths build and prepare for the huge drop. Big Wild has warm sounding production and keeps his melodies interesting and flowing to a dance beat that is rich in textures.

“Joypunks” brings the swelling sounds of synths and Big Wild’s falsetto singing to a strong dance beat that is destined to be a dance floor hit. More of an instrumental song than a standard vocal selection, this tune is about Big Wild’s production abilities and his sounds and feels. The build to the drop is real. There are vocal melodies, but they blend into synth sounds and guitar riffs to form color more than a memorable vocal line. The track does create a feeling and that seems to be what Big Wild was going for and successfully achieved. The songs structure is flowing, and the beat is big and pumping, that is what we know and except from Big Wild, and he delivers heartily.

Big production values, heavy drops and throbbing beats are amply present in Stell’s debut album Superdream.  Everything you have come to expect from Stell’s live performances adds up to a stunning debut album.

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Big Wild

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February 1, 2019


Counter Records

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