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Laura Misch : Sample the Sky Review

Laura Misch : Sample the Sky Review

Laura-Misch-CDLaura Misch Released Sample the Sky on October 13, 2023, by One Little Independent Records, and it turns out to be a captivating auditory expedition through the peripheries of London’s untamed landscapes of electronica-based sounds. This debut album is a collection of songs that will grab your attention with their intimately woven narrative of care, connection, and an acute influence from listening to the whispers of the natural world. Through Sample the Sky, Misch invites listeners into a realm where organic electronic productions, well-penned lyrics, and the breathy echoes of saxophone merge seamlessly with elements of singing and synthesis to enchant our listening experience.

Diverging from her earlier work, which was characterized by a more solitary bedroom production aesthetic as seen in her acclaimed EPs Playground and Lonely City, Misch expands her horizons by embracing the collective creativity of her South London milieu. This album integrates the talents of guest musicians, field recordists, painters, florists, dancers, and tapestry makers. Central to the album’s evolution was Misch’s year-long partnership with composer and producer William Arcane, whose skill in synth manipulation significantly shaped the soundscape of Sample the Sky.

“Hide To Seek” sets the album’s tone with a confluence of synth and string harmonies, leading into Misch’s alto saxophone and warm, sensual vocals. This track is a sophisticated blend of electronica and funk, showcasing Misch’s ability to paint vivid auditory landscapes that cross genre boundaries.

“Portals” further exemplifies Misch’s talent in crafting ethereal atmospheres with her clear contralto voice, complemented by lush synths and rhythmic patterns that underline the song’s themes of interconnectedness and the transcendental nature of love.

“City Lungs” introduces listeners to a rhythmic exploration of urban and natural dialogues, with Misch’s angelic vocal delivery and soft saxophone tones painting a narrative of breathing spaces within the city’s confines.

Sample the Sky is an artistic reflection on the awe-inspiring simplicity and complexity of the sky above—those moments of profound connection to the natural world that are deeply personal and universally unclaimable. Misch’s work is a daring exploration of genre, effortlessly blending elements of electronic music, pop, and jazz to create a sound that is both innovative and timeless.

Misch’s mastery in blending electronic, pop, and jazz elements with the organic sounds of nature sets her apart. The album is a lush, multi-textured experience that invites repeated listening. Misch’s voice is a guiding light through the album’s journey, with her ethereal tone adding depth and emotion to the intricate musical landscapes she creates. The saxophone is a core instrument in Misch’s album; it is a voice that offers its own narrative and enhances the album’s emotive pull. In addition, the album’s lyrics navigate through themes of awe, loss, and connection, offering listeners a window into Misch’s reflections on the human condition and our place within the natural world.

Laura Misch’s Sample the Sky is a strong debut album and marks a profound voice’s arrival in contemporary electronic music’s landscape. It is a celebration of the natural world, a meditation on human emotion, and a call to listen more deeply to the world around us. With its intricate blend of sounds and heartfelt lyricism, the album is a must-listen for aficionados of electronic, pop, and jazz music alike, promising to resonate long after the final note fades.


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Laura Misch

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Sample the Sky

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October 13, 2023


One Little Independent Records

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