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Battle Beast : Circus of Doom Review

Battle Beast : Circus of Doom Review

battle-beast-coverBattle Beast is releasing their next installment of European power metal with its sixth studio album called Circus of Doom. The female-fronted metal band is buoyant with symphonic metal driven by agile guitar playing and the grit of singer Noora Luohimo. Who has lost none of her fire over the past 9 years. The sextet has created an album that is easy to listen to while still maintaining an aggressive metal edge. The ten songs have many hooks, riffs, and rebellious driving grooves.

The album sports many symphonic metal anthems, the best being the title track, “Circus of Doom.” There is an edge to the song with its aggressive guitar riffs, but the melodic style of the music makes it very accessible to a wide range of listeners. Luohimo’s vocals are outstanding as she sings with power and drives the melody home.

Guitar fans will want to take a listen to “Eye Of The Storm” as guitarist Joona Björkroth shows his tasteful guitar shredding abilities. Combine that with Louhimo’s vocal brilliance, and you have a song that is symphonic metal at its best. Battle Beast is mastering the craft of creating infectious metal that does not alienate the classic metal fan of the 80s while still being hard enough to satisfy the headbangers of today.

Circus of Doom shows Battle Beast is bringing their chops and songwriting into focus in an evident and contagious manner. The songwriting has many layers with blasting guitar work and massive choral pads. Louhimo is something special, and Circus of Doom brings Battle Beast to the top of today’s symphonic metal bands and will reach and gain many new fans.


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Artist Name

Battle Beast

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Circus of Doom

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January 21, 2022


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