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Jan Cronin – Tell Him I Said Hello Review

Jan Cronin – Tell Him I Said Hello Review

jan-cronin-cdThe blues genre is a universal sound that resounds for all age groups, whether young or old the relatable music and situational lyrics are a soundtrack to daily life.  Songwriter and vocalist Jan Cronin is one who has lived and loved the blues and on her new album Tell Him I Said Hello, there is no mistaking this is a labor of love and devotion. Tell Him I Said Hello is dedicated to Cronin’s late husband, “Lefty” Ken Howell, a well-known guitarist, harmonica player, singer, and songwriter, especially in their hometown of Nashville, TN. The album features several songs composed by Howell, along with a range of tracks that highlight Cronin’s earthy vocals and stylistic range.

A highlight on the album is the cut “Bad Thing” a blues filled boogie that hits hard with growling piano and a searing saxophone solo all laced together by tight vocal harmonies. The cut feels authentic and offers seasoned songcraft.  The tune is written by Marcia Ball, Lou Ann Barton and Angela Stehli.  Cronin knows how to choose gems, and this is exhibited throughout Tell Him I Said Hello.   Cronin has an honest charm about her singing. She is easy to connect to as her honest delivery is impassioned.

Once again, the personal connection is at the core of this tune.  “Love’s Made That Way” is a Cronin and Howell original that gets its due.  Cronin delivers the lyric with conviction and veneration. A hellacious solo by Rickey Godfrey sets this tune up for the righteous rhythm section of Mark W. Winchester on bass and drummer Chris Rosenstone who sticks the tune with savory rhythms.

Cronin is old school tasty; she understands the value of the lyric and knows just how to deliver it with panache, honesty and skill.  Her approach to this great collection of originals and covers is that of respect, as she cherishes the writer’s original intent and also steps forward as a masterful songwriter herself. A journey worth checking out, filled with good clean fun and great music. It works!


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  • Jan Cronin
    October 3, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    Thank you, so very much, for this wonderful review. I’m very proud of the CD, and hope it will reach many more people’s ears and hearts!!

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