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Samantha Fish : Death Wish Blues Review

Samantha Fish : Death Wish Blues Review

Brushstrokes of Sound: An Artful Journey Through Death Wish Blues

Samantha-Fish-2-CDIn the vivid panorama of blues, where rawness dances with elegance and honesty tangoes with fantasy, a new beacon of sound arises, Death Wish Blues, crafted by the magnetic duo Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton. Their harmony redefines the blues, interweaving it with threads of rock’s guttural guitar solos, the vocal grounding of traditional blues, and the atmospheric twang of country, akin to a perfectly multi-faceted art exhibition, where blues, rock, and country genres coalesce into a sonic tapestry of remarkable depth and vibrancy. In addition, The album was produced by Jon Spencer, who has his identifiable finger paintings throughout the album.

The album begins with “Deathwish,” the arresting mural at the entrance of our exhibit. Its potent riff and vocal interplay are bold brushstrokes, painting a soundscape of raw emotion and echoing depth. This track has the dark allure of abstract expressionism, pulling the listener into the exhibit’s profound depths.

Next in line, “Down in the Mud” juxtaposes like a vibrant pop art piece against the gallery’s austere white walls. Its foot-stomping rhythm and blues-infused vocals, led by Dayton, combined with the modern funk of the guitar parts, provide a burst of color and energy that excites the senses and leaves a lingering impression.

“Riders” appears as an exquisite Renaissance painting, each element thoughtfully placed to form a captivating narrative. It evolves with different vocal sounds and styles, with call-and-response parts and dynamic guitar solos that echo classical art’s intricate details and depth but with the raw energy of the blues rock coloring outside the lines.

“Trauma” is akin to a poignant black-and-white photograph, capturing the stark reality of the human condition. Dayton’s lead vocals and Fish’s backing support create a raw and emotional vocal sound, and their angry guitar tones create a portrait of energy and blues passion, its impact resonating in the fuzz surrounding it.

“Flooded Love” is a provocative modern installation, challenging the status quo with its minor-keyed harmony and rolling beat punctuated by crunchy guitar chords. The defiant lyrics and Dayton’s and Fish’s vocals add layers of complexity, making this track a statement piece in the exhibit.

The album continues with the joyful vibrancy of “Rippin’ and Runnin'” and “Supadupabad.” They bring to mind bold, colorful graffiti art with their infectious rhythm, upbeat groove, and spirited vocals. These tracks infuse the gallery with a sense of joyous celebration, like a burst of confetti in a subdued art space.

Death Wish Blues is a curated sonic exhibit that stirs up a whirlwind of emotions. As a seasoned musician, I recognize this album as a perfect blend of blues, rock, and country, masterfully created and emotionally resonant. Spencer’s keen ear is also a big part of the musical paintings.  Listen to it once, and you might find yourself saying, “If this is a Death Wish, I’m all in for the ride.”


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Samantha Fish

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Death Wish Blues

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May 19, 2023


Rounder Records

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