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Kaz Hawkins : Until We Meet Again Review

Kaz Hawkins : Until We Meet Again Review

Exploring the Sonic Tapestry of Kaz Hawkins’ Until We Meet Again

kaz-hawkins-cdWith her roots firmly planted in the deep, rich soil of blues and soul, Northern Irish singer-songwriter Kaz Hawkins showcases her multifaceted musical tastes in her latest offering, Until We Meet Again. The album paints a resplendent tapestry of sound, entwining threads of gritty blues, soul-stirring gospel, vibrant rock, and a touch of her Celtic heritage. Hawkins successfully marries these diverse influences, seamlessly blurring genre boundaries to create a sound that is entirely her own. From emotionally raw ballads to rock, anthems imbued with spirited guitar solos and an intriguing infusion of Irish tones, Until We Meet Again is a bold experimentation and evolution that reverberates with her undeniable legacy and signals exciting, uncharted future directions. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the heart of this musical journey.

“Get Up And Go” and “Don’t Make Mama Cry” stand out as distinctive testaments to Hawkins’ genre-blending prowess on Until We Meet Again.

“Get Up And Go” is a vibrant fusion of soulful vocals, a warm, crunchy guitar part, and a synth sound reminiscent of the 80s. Despite the generous reverb on Hawkins’ vocals, her energy and soulfulness remain unscathed, their fervor mirrored by Stef Paglia’s exemplary guitar work. His expressive solo and gripping fills weave an engaging blend of blues and rock into the song’s fabric. Hawkins’ vocal versatility shines in the final verse and chorus, with intricate melodic embellishments, growls, and an evocative male backing vocal ensemble enriching the bridge’s dynamic build-up.

Conversely, “Don’t Make Mama Cry” is a compelling blend of Hawkins’ blues roots and Celtic heritage. Her powerful vocals commandingly navigate the melody, underscored by an exciting, Celtic-inspired drum beat. The soulful horn ensemble broadens the sonic landscape, adding depth that complements Paglia’s exceptional guitar solo – another harmonious mix of blues and rock. After the guitar solo, Hawkins unchains her vocal proficiency, belting out an emotive chorus before the breakdown ushers in the instrumental conclusion. Both songs illustrate Hawkins’ ability to create musically diverse and emotionally resonant compositions.

Until We Meet Again is a compelling testament to Kaz Hawkins’ fusion of musical genres. This skill only heightens her innate ability to convey raw, authentic emotion through her songwriting and expressive singing. Hawkins dares to be unclassifiable in an industry often focused on niche categorization, creating an album that laces together the rugged charm of blues, the fervor of rock, the deeply personal narratives of soul, and sound that pays homage to her Celtic roots. The result is an album that, through its varied sonic landscape, beautifully mirrors the traits we all crave in a great listening experience—complex, skillfully sung and performed, resonant, and infinitely diverse.


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Artist Name

Kaz Hawkins

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Until We Meet Again

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May 26, 2023




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