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Hilary Hahn: García Abril: 6 Partitas Review

Hilary Hahn: García Abril: 6 Partitas Review

hilary-hahn-cd-sirHilary Hahn is a three-time Grammy Award-winning violinist with international recognition for her probing interpretations, compelling stage presence, and commitment to new music and the commission process. Hahn fills her days with extensive tours and is very active on social media. Hahn’s dynamic recordings have made her one of the most sought-after artists of this era. She appears regularly with the world’s elite orchestras and on prestigious recital series in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Hailed as one of the greatest violinists in the world today, Hahn’s latest project is a recording of 6 Partitas for Solo Violin by Spanish composer Antón García Abril called García Abril: 6 Partitas.

“García Abril: 6 Partitas for Violin Solo – 3. Love” is a beautiful composition that finds Hahn’s lyrical expertise in full bloom. That lyricism is something García Abril and Hahn both have in common. Abril’s intuitive solo violin writing allows Hahn to make each passage sing and color each phrase with subtle details. Hahn’s love for García Abril’s music can be heard in the passionate playing. In fact, she co-commissioned the partitas with the National Endowment for the Arts and Washington Performing Arts, with additional funding from Dr. Gary Mather and Ms. Christina Co Mather to make the project possible. The counterpoint in the composition is stunning and Hahn’s ability to color and create as sound for each line is amazing. One truly can hear the musical conversation between the two lines.

“García Abril: 6 Partitas for Violin Solo – 6. You” is a powerful closing selection. Hahn’s authoritative sound and aggressive attack brings out the energy of the lines. Again, García Abril’s voice-leading and counterpoint in the solo violin style is astonishing. In preparation for writing the pieces, García Abril listen to Hahn’s recordings to get to know her playing style and studied solo violin pieces from Bach and Ysaÿe among others. With modern harmony and tonal colors, the Spanish folklore rhythms shine through as Hahn effortlessly conveys the melodies that range from abstract to detailed, but always emotional. Hahn’s personality is vibrant through the piece and you can hear the joy in her interpretation of the music.

García Abril: 6 Partitas is another triumphant project for Hahn, both as a performer and as a curator of new repertoire for the violin. García Abril’s Partitas contain outstanding counterpoint and polyphony that will make these six pieces become a part of the mainstream repertoire. The music will challenge both performers and listeners in its technical and musical challenges, but the rewards are great. The passion in the project is amazing. Highly recommended.

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Hilary Hahn

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García Abril: 6 Partitas

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May 17, 2019


Decca Music Group Ltd.

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