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Colter Wall Songs of the Plains Review

Colter Wall

Songs of the Plains



Colter Wall is a plains-bred and now based in Nashville-based folk singer. He is blessed with a rich baritone tone and a gift for writing songs that he frames with sparse acoustic instruments. Wall’s music is surprisingly non-commercial in its form and lyrical style.

Songs of the Plains is Wall’s sophomore record. With images of a mythic Canada, a western region of lonesome plains and weathered frontiersmen. The music comes across as honest and his approach to a bigger more complicated story through simple segments of songs is a testament to his evocative style. Wall has caught the ear of Americana luminaries who have stood up to praise the young Wall. Now, it is your turn to discover the truth and honesty of Wall’s Songs of the Plains.


Artist Name

Colter Wall

Album Title

Songs of the Plains

Release Date

October 12, 2018





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Wall has the type of voice that hits you like a ton of bricks, hailing from the Johnny Cash side of the road, this young vocalist will surprise and delight you the moment he begins to sing. A new discovery with a once in a lifetime voice.

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