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Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics : Bite of the Street Review

Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics : Bite of the Street Review

Mac-Gollehon-cdReleased under Nefarious Industries on September 29, 2023, Bite of the Street by Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics is a global music expedition. This collection of six tracks forges a thrilling pathway through the worlds of Latin, jazz, progressive rock, and electronic beats, interwoven with the rhythmic pulses and melodic phrasing typical of vibrant world music landscapes. This album is a celebration, a dynamic carnival of sounds that promises to whisk listeners from the familiar streets of their musical expectations into the bustling, vibrant avenues of the unknown.

Gollehon, a seasoned trumpet and composer known for his eclectic contributions to over two hundred gold and platinum records, brings his globe-trotting experiences into the heart of this project. The album thrives on a blend of infectious Latin grooves, which meet the intricate layers of jazz and the bold strokes of progressive rock, all carried forward by undercurrents of electronic ambiance. This melding of genres isn’t just a mix; it’s an earnest dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary, representing world music as a living, breathing entity.

At the core of Bite of the Street is Eric Klaastad’s bass lines, grounding the album’s flights of fancy. Jeanne Carno’s drumming adds the heartbeat, while Ismael Sanchez’s percussions paint rhythmic colors across the canvas of each track. Key tracks like “Souled Out” and “High Drama” offer listeners a taste of the album’s thematic and musical range — from the groove-laden openers that invite movement to the dramatically unfolding solos that tell tales of passion and precision.

“Souled Out” sets the stage with its immersive groove. The track is a dance of joy and intensity, where every beat and horn blast is a step further into a celebration of cultural fusion. David Brenner’s innovative use of sound effects weaves through the music, adding a layer of modern texture that enhances the melody’s traditional roots.

“High Drama” is a fine example of musical storytelling. Here, Gollehon’s trumpet takes on the role of a narrator, each note delivered with a reverberating passion that builds to a climax with the support of world, Latin, and dance undercurrents. The track is a dialogue between the calm and the stormy, with periods of intense musical interplay punctuated by moments of reflective calm, embodying the emotional and cultural journey that world music often represents.

“Coming At You” captures the spirit of a global musical festival. It blends the energy of ’70s disco with the traditions of Latin music, decorated with the modern flair of electronic effects. This track is where the past meets the present, crafting a dance floor that spans continents.

Bite of the Street showcases various musical styles and successfully explores how these styles can coexist, interact, and evolve. In its essence, it is a work that challenges the boundaries of world music, pushing the genre towards new, uncharted territories. Bite of the Street is a vibrant album celebrating the convergence of diverse musical styles and cultures. It is a world music odyssey that invites listeners to experience a spectrum of emotions and movements. Crafted with exceptional skill and heartfelt passion, this album urges you to dance, feel, and, most importantly, listen with a world-open heart.


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Artist Name

Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics

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Bite of the Street

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September 29, 2023


Nefarious Industries

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