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Megan Moroney : Lucky Review

Megan Moroney : Lucky Review

Megan-Noroney_cdMegan Moroney has released her bold debut album, Lucky, on which Moroney presents a narrative as daringly complex and vividly raw as that of Johnny Cash and June Carter’s romantic saga. This Georgia-born, Nashville-based artist doesn’t settle for surface-level lyrics of stories of love and heartbreak. Instead, her lyrics probe deeper, unearthing the undercurrents of emotions and posing questions that challenge the comfortable narratives we often settle for.

In “Why Johnny,” Moroney interrogates June Carter with an unsettling curiosity, her voice- a blend of raspy candor and nonchalant tenacity, striking the chords of truth often left unheard. Similarly, in her break-out hit, “Tennessee Orange,” she spins the innocuous act of wearing a boy’s football jersey into a profound musing on familial disloyalty, underlining her lyrics’ ability to infuse mundane life elements with remarkable depth.

Moroney, often likened to a younger Kacey Musgraves, expertly weaves emo cowgirl aesthetics with a lyrical potency that draws unavoidable parallels with country music’s seasoned veterans. Yet, even as she namechecks artists like John Prine, her individuality shines in her unabashed honesty and witty lyricism, as evidenced in the amusingly candid “Sleep On My Side.”

“Another on the Way” offers a unique character-driven narrative that carries the unmistakable whiff of her small-town roots. At the same time, the title track, “Lucky,” a bona fide honky-tonker, defies emo conventions with upbeat buoyancy.

Her poignant wit reaches a crescendo in the album’s final track, “Sad Songs for Sad People,” with the darkly humorous admission: “I really like the way I really don’t hate spending my time with you / And instead of being dead my roses are red and I ain’t quite so blue.”

Despite admitting to being “not great at guitar,” Moroney’s musicianship shines through the album’s stripped-down production. Her lyrics take center stage, providing a refreshing contrast to the high-octane vocals and overzealous guitar solos popular in modern country music.

Moroney has left an indelible mark on the country music scene from the instant success of her debut single “Tennessee Orange,” which rapidly ascended the country charts and gained her a RIAA Platinum Certification. Songs like “I’m Not Pretty” and “Kansas Anymore” exhibit her playful charm and raw emotional honesty, respectively. At the same time, the sassy “Traitor Joe” reveals her knack for giving stern love advice with a plucky spirit.

The deeply personal “God Plays a Gibson” offers an intimate glance into Moroney’s spiritual journey, providing another testament to her flair for melding the universal with the individual.

All in all, Lucky is a striking debut that navigates a whirlwind of emotions. From her captivatingly flirtatious vocals to her heart-stirring lyrics and compelling narratives, Moroney cements herself as an emerging force in the country music realm. So sit back this summer and enjoy a musical experience; it’s an emotional odyssey guided by a talented blonde-haired Georgia peach, filled with tender ballads, gritty anthems, and the occasional honky-tonk drinking song; what else do you need to build the perfect summer playlist?


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Megan Moroney

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May 5, 2023


Columbia Records

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