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William Beckmann : Here’s To You, Here’s To Me Review

William Beckmann : Here’s To You, Here’s To Me Review

Border-Town Maverick: The Musical Landscape of William Beckmann’s
Here’s To You, Here’s To Me

William-Beckmann-Sound-In-Review-CDWilliam Beckmann has brought us a soulful modern country soundtrack of a maverick’s journey of exploration and intrepid adventure. This journey takes place through the sonic landscape of Texan sensation William Beckmann’s latest album, Here’s To You, Here’s To Me.

Every so often, an artist arrives on the scene who not only defines their genre but also broadens its horizons. Beckmann, with his roots firmly planted in the border town of Del Rio, TX, is such an artist. His music, a splendid concoction of vintage country, Americana, and the rich Norteño and mariachi sounds of northern Mexico, enchants, engages, and enlightens.

Through its journey, Beckmann leads us down winding country roads, through heartbreak and jubilation, love and longing. As we travel from track to track, we glimpse the vista of Beckmann’s soul and the terrain of his experiences.

The album starts with “Damn This Heart of Mine,” a potent heartbreak anthem which, in true modern country style, lays bare the raw, tormenting struggle of moving on from past love. Beckmann’s collaboration with Nick Walsh is a masterstroke, their poignant lyrics painting a vivid picture of love’s enduring grip. With tasteful crunchy guitars and lamenting harmonica lines, this is a strong opener.

The narrative unfolds with an Americana-influenced “Tennessee Drinkin’,” a captivating story set to music. In this collaborative effort with Jeremy Spillman and Randy Montana, we trace the path of love found and lost from the Texan coast to Tennessee. Each strum and note stirs the pot of nostalgia, swirling around fragments of past relationships and sepia-tinted memories. With moaning pedal steel and full backgrounds, this song will pull at the heartstrings and linger in the mind’s ear.

“She Can’t Be Found” is Beckmann’s ode to the roots of country, resonating with the rugged tones of legends like Waylon Jennings. Beckmann’s baritone weaves through the track like a steady river, carrying the richness of his heritage and roots. The upbeat country six-eight pulse builds the energy under Beckmann’s storytelling lyrics, with the chorus rising in register and building to the end of the phrase. The guitar work on this track is elegant and makes for an excellent commentary with Beckmann. The band and Beckmann cut loose for the ending chorus, strutting their stuff.

The album continues to traverse varying emotional landscapes, from the challenges of life on the road in “Bad Dreams and Amphetamines” to missed opportunities and unspoken emotions in the well-sung ballad “The Party.”

But the voyage doesn’t end with the last track. Beckmann is set to take his music to the live stage, performing at iconic venues and promising a musical experience that will turn new listeners into long-time fans. Beckmann’s dynamic journey continues to build momentum, marked by a series of remarkable achievements that cement his status as a force within the Texas music scene.

Here’s To You, Here’s To Me is a trip through Beckmann’s unique musical perspective and artistic evolution. It’s a musical path, signposted with Beckmann’s personal experiences and storytelling and paved with his deep connection to his heritage.

Join us in celebrating Here’s To You, Here’s To Me and immerse yourself in the captivating soundscapes of Beckmann’s creation. Follow the rhythms, embrace the lyrics, and let Beckmann’s music take you on a journey as unique and varied as life itself. Ready for the voyage? Tune in here and become a part of this grand adventure, for music, like life, resonates most deeply when shared.

For real-time updates, join William Beckmann on his Instagram and become a part of the musical journey. After all, as Beckmann croons in the album, Here’s To You, Here’s To Me, and here’s to us – the collective, intrepid travelers on this grand adventure called life.



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William Beckmann

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Here's To You, Here's To Me

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August 4, 2023


Highway 90 Records

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