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Acute Inflections : Electric Psychology Review, a power duet

Acute Inflections : Electric Psychology Review, a power duet

acute-inflections-sirAcute Inflections is a jazz duet comprised of singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress Elasea Douglas and upright bassist Sadiki Pierre. Not your traditional jazz duet, being bass and vocals, Acute Inflections have an energy and a vibe that is totally as unique as their instrumentation. The duet is now releasing their third album, Electric Psychology, which presents fifteen tracks. The theme of the album is to tell the personal story of how this talented bass and voice duo from New York discovered their connection. Each song is given their brand of bold arrangement style and is drawn from every genre. Sounds from Nina Simone, Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, and Childish Gambino. However, their talent does not end with arranging songs, they also are excellent composers. With four originals, including the title track “Electric Psychology,” Acute Inflections is a well-rounded duet that will undoubtedly impress.

“Satisfaction” takes the Rolling Stones tune and turns it on its ear. With Pierre’s steady bass line and slaps and pops on the acoustic bass, Douglas spins out the well-known melody with a contagious playfulness. Both deliver the rhythmic pulse of the tune in a manner that makes it groove and energetic. Although there is no solo section, both play around with their parts and add embellishments to the point that nothing sounds repetitive or stall. Acute Inflections arrangement of “Satisfaction” will certainly give some.

Acute Inflections’ express their compositional skills on the title track. Starting with Pierre’s bouncing bass line, the composing contains well-written lyrics and a beautiful melody. The various feels within the song add interest and again demonstrate the versatility and clarity that the two perform with and convey. Douglas’ vocal style is an amalgamation of the various style the duet gathers their inspiration from; she embodies rock, pop, jazz, R&B, and soul.

Electric Psychology is undoubtedly a step forward in this duet’s continued assertion of less is unquestionably more. With the collective implied spaces filled with a soulful embodiment, one forgets immediately that only two are creating so much sonic. Their sense of rhythm and intuitive interaction seasoned with Douglas’ versatile and hypnotic voice they delve into the corners of each tune and put forth stunning performances.


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Acute Inflections

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Electric Psychology

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October 4, 2019


Acute Inflections

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