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Alex Hall : Six Strings Review

Alex Hall : Six Strings Review

alex-hall-cdAlex Hall is releasing his debut EP titled Six Strings. The Country singer and guitar slinger are joined by featured guitarists and vocalists on each track and include John Osborne, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Brad Tursi of Old Dominion, Tenille Townes Kassi Ashton. Co-produced by Alex, Pete Good, and AJ Babcock, the EP presents six tracks. Hall says, “It’s such an honor to play and sing alongside my friends and heroes on the Six Strings EP. I’m so proud of this body of music, and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!”

“Other End of the Phone” has a pop-country feel with a catchy figure in the guitar. Hall’s vocals are warm, and the melody is rhythmically catchy against the band’s sounds. His reputation has become something of a guitar hero with his energetic leads. Hall comes to the mic with a country twang, but his sound also includes an insightful understanding of pop, blues, and rock.

“Jealous Love” features John Osborne and is a hard-hitting, driving country tune with Hall’s stand-out vocals and is electrified by Osborne’s and Hall’s dueling guitar solos. The country-rock beat fits Hall’s vocal style and sound. His guitar tone is rich with a warm distortion, and his feeling is strong with melody and heart. Hall is a glowingly lyrical player and singer who brings a relaxed style to his country singing and well-written original.

Halls’s debut EP Six Strings is an easy listen composing of seemingly effortless singing and robust guitar playing. The six songs have a mix of subject matters, feels, and tempos. The songs are relatable with little fanfare, making each track memorable and easy to listen to and enjoy. Throughout, Hall and his various guest provide rich textures and together contribute fine solos and singing. A fantastic, heartening EP.


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Alex Hall

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Six Strings

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February 5, 2021


Monument Records

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