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StringShot Review

StringShot Review

StringShot-cd-coverStringShot is the name of an interesting world music band that mixes the best elements of the two Americas together – the blues and Latin. The band is a collaboration of three artists: Roy Rogers (slide guitar, vocal), Badi Assad (guitar, vocal) and Carlos Reyes (violin, stringed harp). The musicians come from Brazil, Paraguay, and California and on their self-titled album, StringShot, they highlight a rich cross-cultural music with Latin roots, jazz colorations and blues undercurrents.  The playing and singing are virtuosic throughout the ten tracks.

Rogers slide playing is deeply steeped in the blues but fits in to the Latin rhythms perfectly. Assad’s vocals are beautiful, both melodically and rhythmically as is her guitar playing. The stringed harp/violin playing of Reyes gives this music wings and as a whole this unique instrumentation is both inimitable and highly musical. The styles and collection of tunes on the album is an interesting mix of world music that will both entertain and amaze.

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August 17, 2018


Chops not Chaps Records



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Complex rhythms that uplift and enthuse. StringShot has elements of the seventy’s album alternative sound. Assad’s vocals are dreamy and offer a warming timbre that is inviting and invigorating. Each track offers a unique texture from the next, yet all are strongly tied together by the sui generis of the group sound.

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