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The Winery Dogs : III Review

The Winery Dogs : III Review

The-Winery-Dogs-cdThe Winery Dogs are back after a seven-year pause with their latest full-length studio album Called III. The Winery Dogs comprises Ritchie Kotzen on guitar and vocals, Billy Sheehan on bass, and drummer Mike Portnoy. This power rock trio will not disappoint; if you are a long-time fan, you will love III. However, prepare to be rocked out of your seat if this is your introduction to The Winery Dogs. This power trio has virtuosity, great vocals, and well-written songs. In addition, Jay Ruston did a beautiful job mixing the album.

“Xanadu,” the opening track, starts with a bang. The song brings the trio’s talents together in a joyous sound of a catchy melody, impressive instrument parts, and an incredible rock feel. Kotzen has a fantastic rock voice with an impressive range and front-man momentum. The songwriting is well structured and has a flow that makes sense and builds nicely. The production sounds spacious and natural and percolates with energy optimized for loud, spirited listening.

“Mad World” is a riff-driven tour deforce. The melody is catchy, and Sheehan’s bass growls and pushes the energy. The vocal harmonies add to the fullness as the theme progresses through the verse and chorus. The interlude leading to the bridge shows these players’ fluidity. The bridge shows Kotzen’s skills in his upper register, and his guitar solo is spot-on. If you want other songs like this, checkout “Rise” and “Gaslight” for more impressive playing and singing.

The Winery Dogs hits a beautiful balance of the 70s and 80s classic hard rock with memorable songs propelled by outstanding musicians. III will augment your rock collection with a set of songs that will give you much enjoyment.


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