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Abiola : Abiola Time Review

Abiola : Abiola Time Review

Abiola-CDAbiola is a vocalist, actor, and dancer that is releasing her album called Abiola Time. The ten original compositions by Abiola blends many styles from around the world, from the spicy heat of Nigeria to jazz with a New York swagger to sexy R&B and London-style club bangers. Abiola Time is a treat that will delight your ears and inspire your heart.

“Kilofe” finds Abiola’s sweet vocals flowing over a world dance beat that was fleshed out with an intrepid young producer from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The undeniable thrum of Johannesburg house pervades the song as Abiola layers delightful vocal harmonies, drawing you into the lyrics of nostalgia and confidence of first love. From the Yorùbá chorus of ‘Kilofe? Ma fun e’ (What do you want? I’ll give it to you) to the sensual whispered promises of loves dream, the album opener is exciting and will stimulate you to travel further into the world of Abiola Time.

“Werey Style” is another fun song inspired by the dance rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean. Abiola says, “I’ve been known to completely lose all sense of place and time when a song comes on that hits that right frequency—strutting across the floor, voguing, crumping, bàtá, dutty wining, salsa, kizomba, juju, and more. When some people hit the dance floor or hear that beat drop, there is no thought to anything but being carried by the music into a frenzy of uninhibited motion. I’m one of those people, and “Werey Style” is an ode to us.” The beauty of this song is Abiola’s way of combining influences from Nigeria, South African, and Caribbean rhythms to build an infectious groove. Add her gorgeous singing, and you will have an authentic world music treat in this song.

Abiola Time shows that Abiola is bringing a world view to her songwriting and focusing it on a celebration of music of joy with an evident and contagious appeal. The songwriting has many layers with many rhythms from around the world and Abiola’s unique vocal style and vocal harmonies. This album is something that will reach and gain many new fans for Abiola.


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Abiola Time

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July 22, 2022


Aladé Enterprises

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