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Shiri Zorn : Into Another Land Review

Shiri Zorn : Into Another Land Review

shiri-zorn-cdShiri Zorn has burst onto the scene as one to watch; her collaboration with guitarist and composer George Muscatello began in 2013, shortly after she relocated to Upstate New York. Their latest effort codifies their nearly decade-long partnership by releasing their 2022 album Into Another Land.

Kicking off with “Witch Touch,” a Muscatello/Zorn original is adorned with exotic rhythms by Brazilian master percussionist Mauricio Zottarelli. Zorn has a supple instrument in her voice; its range and depth are exhibited in full spectrum on this track, from the most ethereal high notes to the mysterious lows.

Muscatello punctuates with quick single notes, while Zorn offers responses vocally using sounds and whisper notes of colorization. Zottarelli keeps the rhythmic flow going on this dreamy track. Tierney Sutton produced the vocals, and her signature mentorship is immediately evident.

“Willow Weep For Me” is given a Latin treatment. Once again, Zorn’s delicate yet evocative vocal style adds a je ne sais quoi to the track, reminiscent of Suttons’ 2001 hit album Blue in Green. Of course, Zorn has her own unique voice, and it is easy to see why the two vocalists would connect with a common core approach. Muscatello and Zottarelli give the track an elongated feel that allows each note to be savored. In the center section, Zorn portends a darkened poetic vibe that allows the tune to take on an original imprint.

Into Another Land offers a depth of listening. The unexpected is to be expected, and the profound is to be embraced. Each musician elaborates with precision and acumen, illuminating their given instrument to the fullest potent potential for a lasting impression. Well worth the additive to your collection. Especially those that prefer a revealing listen.


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Shiri Zorn

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Into Another Land

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October 20, 2022



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