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Arabella Steinbacher : Mozart: Violin Concertos Review

Arabella Steinbacher : Mozart: Violin Concertos Review

Arabella-Steinbacher-cdArabella Steinbacher is a multiple award-winning violinists that has recorded Mozart’s violin concertos starting in 2014 with the Festival Strings Lucerne and its leader Daniel Dodds. With the release of Mozart: Violin Concertos, they complete the cycle by presenting Mozart’s enchanting Violin Concertos 1 and 2 plus his Adagio in E Major and Rondos in C Major and B-flat Major. Also noted is that Steinbacher plays the cadenzas by Wolfgang Schneiderhan, who co-founded the Festival Strings Lucerne in 1956. Another exciting aspect of this album is that she plays on the “Ex Benno Walter” Strad from 1718. This new edition brings together the entire cycle of recordings. “I’m glad it can finally be recorded now. Mozart connects me to my childhood, and it has opened many doors,” says Steinbacher.

Violin Concerto No. 2 in D Major, K. 211: “II. Andante” puts Steinbacher’s beautiful tone at the exact center as Dodds’ direction brings out the expressive nature of the strings section. The mood brightens and flows with each passage and at no point does any phrase sound rushed or unintentional. This performance lets the theme ring clear and grabs your attention until the very end. Steinbacher plays with perfect balance with the strings, and she never sounds harsh through her dynamic range. Her tone is broad, and each sonority is full and satisfying.

Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K. 219: “Turkish”: III. Rondeau. Tempo di menuetto” is a masterful display of lyricism, and both Steinbacher and the ensemble bring out the beauty of Mozart’sMozart’s melodies and countermelodies. Steinbacher’s playing is powerful but never sounds aggressive, giving the music a beautifully pure energy at the heart of what Motzart’s music is all about.

Mozart’s violin concertos are among the instrument’s most cherished and beloved works. With Mozart: Violin Concertos, all five are together and expertly performed by Steinbacher and the Festival Strings Lucerne its leader Dodds. Steinbacher’s mastery of the violin is a pleasure to experience and brings these compositions to life. The album’s flow has extraordinary musical development and expressive power while simultaneously showcasing some of Mozart’sMozart’s works for violin and orchestra that will astound the listener.


Arabella Steinbacher: Website

Artist Name

Arabella Steinbacher & Festival Lucerne Strings & Daniel Dodds

Album Title

Mozart: Violin Concertos

Release Date

January 21, 2022



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