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Lise Davidsen : Christmas From Norway Review

Lise Davidsen : Christmas From Norway Review

Beautiful: Lise Davidsen’s Christmas From Norway

Lise-Davidsen-sound-in-review-cdThe process of reviewing Lise Davidsen’s Christmas From Norway is an enjoyable listen to chronicle an album that celebrates the Holiday Season. Davidsen delves into its soul to unravel the intricate layers of sounds and to celebrate the confluence of musical mastery and cultural essence of this celebrated music. This album, a collection of Yuletide melodies, shows Davidsen’s vocal skills and is a journey into the heart of Scandinavian Christmas traditions, replete with the warmth and spirit of the season.

From the outset, Christmas From Norway is a revelation of Davidsen’s vocal capabilities, honed in the opera houses of Europe and now channeled into the more intimate yet no less grandiose world of traditional Christmas music. Her voice, an instrument of profound emotional depth and technical perfection, navigates through each track with a precision and expressiveness that is as rare as enchanting.

Take, for instance, her rendition of “O Holy Night,” where Davidsen employs Douglas Gamley’s orchestration, initially composed for Pavarotti. Here, she weaves her vocal narrative with a finesse that is both powerful and delicate. The orchestral opening is grand yet intimately transitions into Davidsen’s warm tones. Her execution of the melody is flawless, marked by an elegance and a precision in diction that only a few can aspire to. The bridge to her upper register is not just a demonstration of vocal strength, but a revelation of her full emotional range, culminating in a climactic high note that is sustained with a grace and control.

In her interpretation of “Ave Maria,” Davidsen pays homage to the iconic version by Leontyne Price, yet she makes it unmistakably her own. The orchestral arrangement is a canvas of pastel hues upon which her voice paints a picture of angelic beauty. The tempo is gentle, allowing her to showcase her exceptional breath control and the power of her sustained notes. The legato interval jumps are a marvel of vocal agility, displaying her skill in navigating the complex emotional landscape of the piece.

This album, however, anchored in Davidsen’s vocal expertise, is also a cultural bridge, connecting the listener to the heart of Norway’s festive legacy. The selection of songs, ranging from traditional Norwegian carols to universally loved classics, is done with a clear intent to make classical music accessible without sacrificing its artistic integrity. Davidsen’s approach to these songs embodies a philosophy that music, regardless of its genre, is a universal language that speaks directly to the heart.

As a reviewer who appreciates the subtleties of musical performances, Christmas From Norway is a masterful blend of technical playing and singing and a heartfelt expression. Davidsen’s performances bring these well-known melodies to life; note by note, each phrase is imbued with a palpable sense of purpose and passion. This collection of Christmas songs is an invitation to experience the beauty and depth of classical music delivered by one of the most remarkable sopranos of our time.

In conclusion, Christmas From Norway, under the brilliant artistry of Lise Davidsen, is a program to be heard and the perfect music for the Holiday Season’s experiences to be cherished. The album showcases the extraordinary talent of Davidsen and the timeless appeal of classical Christmas music. As the festive season draws near, Christmas From Norway stands as a beacon of joy and inspiration, resonating with the spirit of the holidays and the essence of Norway in every note and melody.


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Lise Davidsen

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Christmas From Norway

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November 10, 2023


Universal Music

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