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Deborah Silver, Shake It Off Review

Deborah Silver, Shake It Off Review

Swing, Swagger, and Silver: Deborah Silver’s ‘Shake It Off’

Deborah-Silver-sound-in-review-cdHave you ever wondered what it would sound like if a jazz band crashed a pop concert? Well, wonder no more! Deborah Silver’s rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is akin to a delightful musical soirée where Gatsby meets Gen Z, and oh boy, does it swing! Silver takes Swift’s pop anthem in this daring arrangement and infuses it with a jazzy vivacity that bridges the gap between Roaring Twenties flair and modern pop exuberance.

You’re listening to a swinging affair from the moment you press the play button on this track. The opening baritone saxophone, the crisp snap of the brass sections, and the silky figures of the woodwinds set the stage for a journey. It’s like the opening scene of a classic film; only in this scene, our star, Ms. Silver, is shaking off her troubles and swinging them into oblivion.

Let’s talk about Charles “The Hit Man” Calello’s arrangement. This elegant arrangement is a revival of Swift’s sound that naturally flows in a swing setting! The horns aren’t playing notes; they’re telling stories, painting a soundscape that would make the likes of Ella and Louis nod in approval. And that chunking guitar? The shout chorus and the call and response between the brass and reeds are outstanding. It’s not just a nod to the big band era; it’s a wink and a nudge, reminding us that the old school is still fantastic.

But, the real pièce de résistance is Silver’s voice. Imagine a voice that can dance – yes, dance – through the melody, with a clarity so profound, it could cut through the fog of the dullest day. Her vocal embellishments are tasteful acrobatic feats, soaring through the melody with a playful grace that’s both exuberant and elegant. It’s like watching Fred Astaire tap dance on a rainbow – effortless, colorful, and downright joyful.

The rhythm? Oh, it’s not just foot-tapping; it’s a full-on, feet-stomping, get-up-and-dance-like-no-one’s-watching swing rhythm. The horn hits are like exclamation points, punctuating the tune with a zest that makes you want to grab a partner and jitterbug across the dance floor, reliving the exuberant spirit of the swing era.

And let’s remember the emotional resonance of this rendition. Silver’s “Shake It Off” is a new approach, a swinging, joyous statement. It’s an arrangement and performance that uses the power of music to uplift and transform. It’s about shaking off the blues; it’s about jazzing up life, about finding joy in the face of adversity. And isn’t that something we all need a bit more of these days?

In sum, Deborah Silver’s “Shake It Off” is a marvel – a jazzy, jubilant, and utterly joyful resurrection of a pop anthem. It’s a reminder that music knows no bounds, that genres can meld, and the result can be nothing short of spectacular. So, if you’re looking for a tune to lift your spirits and remind you of the enduring power of great music, look no further. Deborah Silver has got you covered, and then some!

When was the last time a song made you want to dance, laugh, and maybe, just maybe, shake off all your worries? Because that’s precisely what this little gem of a track does.


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Deborah Silver

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Shake It Off

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July 14, 2023


Glitter & Grits Records

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