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Carolyn Lee Jones : Christmas Time Is Here Review

Carolyn Lee Jones : Christmas Time Is Here Review

carolyn-lee-jones-cdCarolyn Lee Jones is back and releasing a new Christmas project for us to enrich our Holidays with an album of classic Christmas tunes. She presents twelve Christmas tunes on Christmas Time Is Here that are brought to life by a rotating list of top musicians. Each song has a fresh arrangement and keeps the classic design but is unique enough to be of interest.

“Jingles the Christmas Cat” is a fun and less-common Christmas tune that showcases Jones swinging, playful vocal style. Todd Parsnow performs a fun guitar solo as the band swings with delight. Jones has a vocal style that is easy to enjoy as she sings with clear diction, strong rhythm, and a pleasant tone. In addition, the arrangement has a timeless appeal that lets Jones capture the listener’s attention without the instruments getting in the way or being obstructive.

An original, “Red Christmas,” written by Jones’ friend Jeanie Perkins is a fun-filled tune that articulately brings into focus the holiday that celebrates red in the season. Indeed, we have been treated to “White Christmas” and even “Blue Christmas,” so befittingly, the lyric pokes fun why not a “Red Christmas.” Jones is bubbly, her voice rings true with sparkling clarity, and the joyful spirit of the season effervesces in her delivery. This is an instant replay track, destined to be a go to track year after year.

Christmas Time Is Here is twelve tracks that will keep the festivities flowing all Holiday season with its classic playing and singing. Each selection has outstanding soloing and different orchestrations so putting this album in the mix of Christmas tunes will not get old. Well recorded, sung, performed, and chosen songs make this an excellent Holiday choice.



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Carolyn Lee Jones

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Christmas Time Is Here

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November 1, 2021


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