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Dana Fuchs : Borrowed Time Review

Dana Fuchs : Borrowed Time Review

dana-fuchs-cdDana Fuchs is back with her latest effort called Borrowed Time, and it finds her revisiting her Southern Rock roots with a collection of her fantastic songs and lyrics. Borrowed Time is the rawest, most rocking musical offering of Fuchs career, released on Ruf Records and produced by Bobby Harlow (Detroit Cobras, Samantha Fish). The band is Dana Fuchs, lead vocals, tambourine; Jon Diamond, electric & acoustic guitar, backing vocals, harmonica; Kenny Tudrick, electric & acoustic guitar; Jordan Champion, keyboards; Jack Daley, bass; and Todd Glass, drums. The band recorded Borrowed Time over the course of eight inspired days. “We tracked everything live, and it was our first time recording an album with another guitar player,” Fuchs explains. “We were going for that rootsy, Stonesy rock & roll sound.”

“Double Down on Wrong” begins with a guitar figure that erupts into a bluesy riff. Fuchs sings with passion and attitude. The band’s energy comes through on the recording as it sounds like a really well mix live gig. The two guitars interact with each other, playing the riff together at times and other times playing complimenting parts. Fuchs is a spirited vocalist, and she fronts the band with pure female power and attitude.

“Call My Name” has elements of old-school Southern soul as this ballad tells a universal love story about two women surviving the Liberian War as refugees in a camp. Fuchs’ voice brings out the emotion of the lyrics as she is smooth when called for and brings in a little grit when needed too. The moving bass line of Daley anchors the groove as the guitars color to Glass’ steady beat. The keyboards are complete, and add a pad of color and support.

Borrowed Time is Fuchs showing a wide range of perception and awareness. Her voice fits the Blues meets Southern rock sound, and these songs will play well in any of the hot events this summer. Fuchs style is for anyone who loves, enjoys, and/or appreciates heart-felt Southern rock and beautiful singing.


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Dana Fuchs

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Borrowed Time

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April 29, 2022


Ruf Records

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