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LUC : Glow Review

LUC : Glow Review

luc-sirLUC Band is a LA based duet comprised of Kari Kimmel and Joe Corcoan. The two create a Garagetronic sound, which will be featured in several TV shows this fall. LUC has over 54,000 Shazam’s and 2.5 million YouTube views, people are obviously digging the LUC vibe. Kimmel is the vocalist and songwriter with Corcoan handling all the instruments and production. The duet released a six song EP titled Glow last year, LUC is now placing interesting visuals with their music and releasing it on YouTube. “Glow” has been released with a stunning video to accompany the interesting music that is self-described as Garagetronic.

“Glow” has a catchy riff set to a groove that is rock with dance elements. Kimmel’s vocals are slightly distorted and placed in the mix in just the right spot that makes you wanna listen to grab all the lyrics. Her vocal delivery is breathy and conveys a sexual nature that is mysterious and captivating. Corcoan’s production is balanced with both the live and electronic instruments living in the space with equal weight and sonic importance. The synth sounds are full and never get strident. The vocal harmonies are subtle but add to the melody. Corcoan’s guitar work is full of texture and cool riffs and rhythmic figures. LUC is creating a sound that is truly LA in nature and the Garagetronic label fits their music perfectly.

The wonderful blend of electronic and live instruments continues with “Ghost.” The track has another catchy guitar riff and nice subtle elements of electronica. The bass and synth sound is full as the percussion joins to propel the song with energy and style. The chorus has a melody that shows Kimmel’s falsetto skills and emotional glissandos. The vocal doubling and harmonies add a nice touch, as are the interesting vocal fills that ornament the verses. The bridge has an enjoyable feel change and electronic effects that build back to the chorus. LUC is hip!

Glow brings together the elements of LA, mixing soft rock with indie pop and elements of electronica to give a satisfying listening experience. The six songs have a nice variety of sounds, feels and tempos. Kimmel’s singing is wonderful, and she has many textures to her style. Corcoan’s production is outstanding, plus all the instruments are played with confidence, especially the guitar. Another dimension of LA; Garagetronic, and LUC is forging the way with style.


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October 18, 2018


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