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Meghan Patrick : Heart on My Glass Review

Meghan Patrick : Heart on My Glass Review

meghan-patrick-cdMeghan Patrick is releasing her new album titled Heart on My Glass, which follows up on her Juno Award-winning Wild as Me album. The new album features the previously released singles “Never Giving Up on You” and “My First Car.” In tandem with the album announcement Patrick has also released the new song “Mama Prayed For,” along with ten other pieces to complete the set. “I bet Mitchell’s mom didn’t get down on her knees and pray, ‘Dear Heavenly Father, please send down a 5’6″ blonde, whiskey-drinking, tattoo-lovin’, dip-spittin’, four-letter-word-cussin’-when-she-speaks-her-mind woman to love my son,’ but here I am, and it turns out the most important thing we have in common is loving him,” said Patrick. The award-winning, chart-topping Patrick says this of Heart on My Glass that it is “the most ‘me’ record I’ve ever made.”

“My First Car” is a slinky honky-tonk selection that celebrates the freedom of getting that first car, or in Patrick’s case, that first truck. With multi-layers of guitars, Patrick’s voice rings with a distinct country style. The band is superb, and the recording quality is balanced and full. The guitar solo is contemporary and lively. Patrick lets loose the last chorus with an impressive display of vocal chops.

“Never Giving up on You” is a pop-country song and a setting that Patrick’s vocal style and tone excel in the most. The chorus’s melody is in Patrick’s upper vocal range, and it is full and clear. The verses are in her lower to middle register, which has character and country overtones. The band is outstanding, and the arrangement is simple and easy to follow.

Heart on My Glass has various country styles, tempos, and moods for a country music fan to enjoy. Whatever the mood, this is an album that knows its way around them and delivers a trim and consistently pleasing listen. Patrick explains, “With Heart on My Glass, I spent a lot of time going over the songs. Any lyrics I didn’t absolutely love or that could be stronger? Any clunky melodies? I was determined to make the songs bulletproof and as great as I believed they could be. And I was much more hands-on with the production.” That attention to detail gives this project an exceptional shine that Country Music fans will hear and appreciate.


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Meghan Patrick

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Heart on My Glass

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June 25, 2021


Riser House Records

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