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Nancy Goudinaki : Ariadne’s Lullaby Review

Nancy Goudinaki : Ariadne’s Lullaby Review

Nancy Goudinaki-cdNancy Goudinaki is a guitarist, vocalist and composer from Greece that now resides in New York City.  She received her B.A. in Music/Fine Arts in 2007 from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Since moving to New York City, she has seamlessly merged into the jazz community as a performer. She also continues her relentless study of music with JD Walter, jazz composer and lyricist Miles Griffith, Cynthia Scott (The Raelettes), and Barry Harris (recipient of the 1998 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award).  Goudinaki is equally expressive as a composer, instrumentalist and vocalist. Her latest single “Ariadne’s Lullaby,” is a lovely original composition that she performs solo on a nylon-strung guitar.

“Ariadne’s Lullaby” features a relaxed melody that is supported by an interesting harmonic progression. Opening with a series of natural harmonics that ring clear, Goudinaki takes us on an emotional journey of hope and wonder. The second theme is introduced by laughter from her niece, Ariadne, for whom the song is written. The second theme finds Goudinaki using her right-hand to not only fingerpick the strings, but she also uses her fingers to stick the guitar body to sound percussion effects within the setting. Her imaginative use of the many possibilities of the acoustic nylon-strung guitar is indicative of her open-minded musical compositions.  “Ariadne’s Lullaby” also displays a wide range of harmonic and melodic developments that will keep the song interesting and unfolding.

Goudinaki has created a lasting piece, not only for her niece as a lasting keepsake, but for any newborn and parent that would enjoy a beautifully conceived lullaby played with a loving heart.  A welcomed crossover song certainly suited for bedtime or a moment of relaxation.


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Artist Name

Nancy Goudinaki

Name of Single

Ariadne’s Lullaby

Release Date

September 30, 2019


Nancy Goudinaki

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