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Pistol Hill Part II Review

Pistol Hill Part II Review


Pistol Hill knew he wanted to do music at an early age. The North Carolina award-winning singer/songwriter began playing drums at six and then switched to guitar at age twelve. Pistol explains, “Songwriting was the first thing I had ever felt passionate about.” Pistol released his debut recording in the Spring of 2018 called Part I. Pistol is now releasing Part II and has teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer, Billy Hume. Pistol Hill Part II is an EP of three songs, and feature Hill’s warm voice and creative songwriting.

“Brand New Bottle of Whiskey” is a slow tempo selection with Hill’s full tenor voice filling the airwaves surrounded by acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums and pedal steel. Hill has a wonderful lyric writing style that brings everyday feelings to song, his lyrics are easy to relate to and presented with an honest appeal. The song form builds and is full of sections that build and flow into one another.

With an up-tempo beat, “Two Jacks Straight” has a catchy guitar hook and a four on the floor beat. Hill’s voice is rustic and robust as he sings about relationships. This is a classic country styled song with just enough modern flair to keep you listening. With enough energy to hit the dance floor, but also enough substance to just sit back and sip your favorite beverage to and enjoy.

Hill has put together a superb collection of tunes, that highlight his masculine country voice.  Filled with twang and a straight to the heart appeal Hill has a winning sound.  Pistol Hill, Part II offers 3 songs that warm, ignite and enthrall your listening space with true country.  Highly recommended!

Artist Name

Pistol Hill

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Pistol Hill, Pt. II

Release Date

November 18, 2018



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