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reSouza, Grenseland Review

reSouza, Grenseland Review

resouza-sirReSouza is a Brazilian-Norwegian musician based in Bergen, Norway. Influenced by folk and bossa nova she sings about how it is to be torn between two cultures, long distance relationships and things that engage or provoke her.  Her debut single “Your Melody was released in January of 2018 with a follow up single “Årene Går,” in July of 2018.  Just recently released on February 22, 2019, is reSouza’s next single title “Grenseland.” The meaning of “Grenseland” is Borderland.  reSouza explains, “It’s about the feeling of not getting anywhere and wanting to give up.”

“Grenseland” sets the mood with the relaxed sounds of acoustic guitar and flute. The sounds pave the way for reSouza’s warm vocals, the beauty is revealed in her singing of shimmering melodies and lyrics. The first verse is kept sparse as the band keeps the background to a minimum and places all focus on reSouza’s voice. The atmosphere is built with full vocal harmonies, leading to the full band entering with a Latinish feel of a bossa nova and folk music melded. The vocal harmonies are excellent. reSouza’s range is impressive as it is flexible. A quiet bass solo leads us to the bridge. The piano plays fills behind reSouza’s voice. The chorus enters and the full vocals return with glistening result.

reSouza’s voice is filled with warmth, her approach to music is in the beauty and aesthetic of the lyric. The music resonates with mysterious sensuality.  She approaches her music with the pastoral beauty of folk and the sensuality of Latin music for a wonderfully inviting sound.  “Grenseland” being the third single from reSouza in a little over a year is hopeful toward an EP or album, is my hope. Stay tuned, more might be on the horizon.

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