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Birdy : Portraits Review

Birdy : Portraits Review

Portraits by Birdy — A Lyrical Odyssey Through Love and Loss

Birdy-cdHave you ever walked through an art gallery and found a painting that speaks to your soul, as if the artist managed to capture a facet of your own life experience within each brushstroke? If albums were art galleries, Birdy would be the artist behind that captivating painting, with her latest musical endeavor, Portraits, as her vibrant canvas.

Let’s stroll down the gallery that is Portraits, shall we? As we move from room to room in this auditory museum, our first encounter is with “Paradise Calling.” Imagine an auditory splash of sunlight—a Monet painting in musical form. The bright pop arrangements serve as the canvas, but it’s Birdy’s transcendent voice that adds the swirling, vivid colors.

Now, gently turn the corner, and you’ll find yourself stepping into a vintage photograph called “Raincatchers,” washed in sepia tones. It’s a cinematic track where each lyric seems to drip off a film reel. The strings and drums, perfectly synchronized, execute a dance routine so evocative it might as well have been choreographed by Gene Kelly himself.

Ah, but then our footsteps slow as we come upon a pair: “Ruins I” & “Ruins II.” These tracks are like the yin and yang of a diptych painting hanging solemnly on a velvety wall. The first captures the immediate, raw anguish of a heartbreak, almost like a musical interpretation of an Egon Schiele sketch. The second offers a glimmer of hope, a progression that feels like the first sunbeam piercing through the curtains after an endless night.

And just when you think you’ve gotten a grasp of this intricate tapestry, along comes “Heartbreaker.” Ever had your heart broken? Birdy not only gets it but also encapsulates it into poignant lyrics with a memorable melody and a driving mid-tempo beat. It’s as if she’s taken the pen from Nicholas Sparks and is narrating your very own romantic drama, sealed with a lyric instead of a kiss.

Birdy’s musical evolution is like a portrait that has been painted over time. Each of her albums is a new brushstroke, adding depth and complexity to the overall picture. Portraits is the latest layer of varnish that brings out the colors of all the previous layers, making them richer than they’ve ever been.

Her vocal talent is a rare Stradivarius in a world of factory-made violins; it’s not just about the technical proficiency, which is undeniable, but also the richness and emotional depth that she brings to each note. Are we just listening to music here, or are we being serenaded by a siren, luring us deeper into the ocean of human emotion? You don’t need to be a music theorist to appreciate the intricate arrangements, the clever modulations, and the harmonic sophistication that lace this album. But if you are, oh, what a feast you have in store!

So, have I convinced you to book your ticket to this auditory gallery? Your guided tour awaits. Come for the brilliance in vocal alchemy; stay for the emotional odyssey that is Birdy’s Portraits.



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August 18, 2023


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