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Brass House Unit, Limelight Review

Brass House Unit, Limelight Review

brass-house-unitBrass House Unit is a group originally formed by trumpeter, Kevin Abela in October 2014. BHU is short for Brass House Unit. Their music is a throwback to the 60s soul sound with an ample helping of funk.  In 2019 the group will release a full-length album, to show off this 16-piece brass funk’s band sound fronted by 2 formidable voice of Ozzy Lino and Gloriana.  Until then the group has released a single titled “Limelight,” with a video to pump up the volume to.

The band is a hard-hitting funk band featuring: Drums: Melchior Busuttil; Keyboards: Simon Fenech; Bass: Simon Sammut; Guitar: Jonathan Ellul; Trumpets: Kevin Abela, Nathan Abela, Reno Cassar and Carlos Borg; Trombones: Joseph Borg, Deo Mercieca and Mark Ciantar; Saxophones: Ivan Borg, Daniel Quattromani, Godfrey Mifsud and Matthew Fenech; Percussion: Joseph Camilleri and Backing Vocals: Josef Tabone, Angela Tirchett and Jackie Pace Delicata.  It’s a wall of sound that is guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor.


“Limelight,” does not spare the funk, the single will not disappoint with fierce horns that shout out hits and spiraling lines that elevate the tracks heat. Lino and Gloriana are perfectly paired, the track is filled with excitement and full-tilt energy and the lyrics offer strong hooks that are unforgettable. The music was written by bassist Simon Sammut and the Lyrics by Matt Muxu Mercieca & Ozzy Lino.

BHU funks with a taste of retro and a modern receptivity of lyrics that are relatable and easy on the ears. A party song, you bet it is and one that works well.  If you don’t find yourself singing this tune throughout the day long after the listen, well – you might want to check your pulse. Live it, love it, funk it! BHU is in the “Limelight.”

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