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colin-james-coverColin James has returned with his 18th studio album, Miles to Go (out Sept. 21). Furthermore, the album is a collection of tunes that finds James getting back to his blues roots. As a result, James choose to build on the dialogue with the blues past, building on the original versions rather than the actual song that drew James to them. James digs deep to bring something fresh to each track, lending vitality to older songs.

The album has James recording at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The album has a live band vibe and James vocals and guitar playing is front and center. The horns and backing vocals add just the right spice to this blues dish. James also plays slide guitar on this album, which has chops to spare. Above all Miles to Go shows that James’s career, at a young 53, still has a long way to travel as he untangles all of his bluesy ideas for us.


Artist Name

Colin James

Album Title

Miles to Go

Release Date

September 21, 2018


Stony Plain Records



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A pleasing voice with typified gray showing off his life badge. Certainly James serves up a healthy helping of blues deluxe. The tune choices are life driven, as a result that makes them even more compelling. James has a smooth soulfulness to his voice that is easy on the ears.

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