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Daniel Barenboim & Kian Soltani & Michael Barenboim – Complete Mozart Trios Review

Daniel Barenboim & Kian Soltani & Michael Barenboim – Complete Mozart Trios Review

barenboim-soltani-sirEveryone knows the joy and musicality that Mozart has in his music. Combine that with three masterful performers and a great sounding concert hall, and you have Complete Mozart Trios by Daniel Barenboim, Kian Soltani and Michael Barenboim. This is a live album on the Deutsche Grammophon label that was recorded at Berlin’s Pierre Boulez Saal. Barenboim, his son Michael, and cellist Kian Soltani deliver a fascinating reading of Mozart’s joyful music. The eighteen tracks cover the material of the six piano trios by Mozart and span a delightful two and a half hours.  

“Mozart: Divertimento in B-Flat Major, K. 254 – 1. Allegro assai” opens the evening on an energetic and playful note. The three musicians have a rapour that is instantly heard as they bring out all the subtleties and joy of the movements. Daniel Barenboim’s piano playing is driving without being overwhelming, his touch is light, and he is both supportive and lyrical when the piano takes the lead. Soltani’s cello tone is round and buzzes with excitement. Michael Barenboim’s tone is rich, and his fluidity is especially delightful. Of course, the father and son have a special bond, and that just makes the music that much richer.

“Mozart: Piano Trio in G Major, K. 496 – 1. Allegro” finds the trio bringing out all the Haydn-like humor that can only be done by Mozart. Barenboim’s opening piano statement sets the tone and energy. Michael matches it, and the three are off to spin out a delightful rendition on this movement. The melody is clearly passed between the players as Mozart takes us through his thematic developments. The light swinging feel that is so important to an excellent Mozart reading is kept intact and flows through the entire movement.

Complete Mozart Trios is a beautiful recording that teams three performers together that understand the details in conveying Mozart’s music with passion and energy. Daniel Barenboim and his son Michael have fantastic chemistry in which Soltani compliments perfectly. The collection of the six piano trios is balanced throughout and presented with a focus on keeping consistent energy and style. Beautiful recording; highly recommended.


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Artist Name

Daniel Barenboim & Kian Soltani & Michael Barenboim

Album Title

Complete Mozart Trios

Release Date

September 13, 2019


Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

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