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Zenon Records – Permutations Vol.7 Review

Zenon Records – Permutations Vol.7 Review

zenon-records-sirZenon Records is pushing the boundaries of electronica with rich and clever minimal soundscapes. Releasing music that is filled with intense musicality and futuristic sound design. Founded in 2003 by Sensient, they have been creating a catalog of artists with a distinct sound. Their artists represent a massive roster of talented artists and DJs from around the world and hitting some of the biggest stages in the electronic dance music scene. The Zenon collective will continue to grow and inspire each other to take it to the next level. Zenon is now releasing a new project of ten artists called Permutations Vol.7.

“VORG” by Flying Over the Moon opens the collection with a psychedelic track filled with driving bass and danceable percussion. The music smartly flows between feels as the light ambient musical textures float above the groove. The danceability of “VORG” is high, as is the exciting textures. This is minimalism at its best, nothing to distract from the dance beat. The sixteenth note hi-hat pattern and light piano fills give the center section a push. The texture is relaxed for the next build-up, this time with more percussion and ambient swells.

“ETN” by Simply Complicated is a collection of ambient sounds that turn into a driving bassline and feeling. The focus is always on the steady pulse as different sounds float in and out. The rhythmic activity is methodically increased as the industrial sounds dance around the pulse. The center section has a vivid break-down that sets up the next arching development of pastel colors. The droning bassline is hypnotic. Great for listening and dancing.

Permutations Vol.7 maybe ten different artists, but the sound and mood of all the tracks flow as a whole. The psy trance vibe is always a focus as each artist delivers with big-sounding production. That is why Zenon Records continues to be at the forefront of futuristic sound design in the electronica genre.



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Zenon Records

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Permutations Vol.7 Review

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November 14, 2019


Zenon Records


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