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FLØRE : Witch Review

FLØRE : Witch Review

FLØRE-CD-WitchFLØRE’s “Witch” is her latest single and marks another high point in the song’s production and thematic elements. The song opens with a hauntingly rhythmic pattern of heavy breathing overlaying a dramatic synth figure, immediately immersing the listener in a sensually charged world and powerfully introspective. This aligns with FLØRE’s portrayal of an inner “Witch,” suggesting a deeper, more complex character than just a superficial sensual appeal. It’s a blend of sensuality and empowerment, where the breathing could symbolize both a physical and a metaphorical awakening.

FLØRE’s vocal delivery in the first verse, delivered in a relaxed, soft, yet confident manner, complements the song’s theme of self-assuredness and defiance against judgment. With its dance-beat aesthetic, the mysterious, electronic-influenced backing track provides a modern, energetic backdrop that underscores the song’s message. FLØRE’s ethereal and assertive voice weaves through the pulsating electronica backdrop, creating a danceable yet sensual and alluring sound. The call-and-response dynamic in the vocal production adds a layer of complexity to the verses, perhaps mirroring the interaction between the self and societal perceptions.

The chorus, driven by a triplet beat, brings vitality and catchiness to the melody, reinforcing the song’s defiant and empowering message. The cadential section, enriched with vocal samples and production sounds, adds depth and texture, creating a sonically rich environment that encapsulates the song’s essence.

The defiant lyrics, interwoven with the song’s vibrant electronica-pop beats, create a dynamic interplay that mirrors the themes of empowerment and resilience. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a character who embraces their identity as a witch, using it metaphorically to represent someone who is unapologetically themselves, powerful, and in control. The repeated lines “I’m a witch, call me bitch” highlight a reclaiming of derogatory terms often used against strong, independent women. This character is not only comfortable in their power but also revels in it, turning societal criticism into a point of pride.

The structure of the song, with its chorus and verses, helps to emphasize the different aspects of this character’s personality and their relationship with the world around them. The verses focus on the character’s perspective, detailing how they perceive others’ views of them and their responses to societal expectations. The chorus, catchy and bold, acts as a defiant declaration of self-identity. The lyric “Real witches do not burn” is particularly striking, alluding to historical witch hunts where women were persecuted for their strength and independence. This line symbolically represents resilience and the enduring spirit of those who refuse to be oppressed by societal norms.

Overall, “Witch” by FLØRE weaves a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and self-confidence, challenging traditional views and celebrating the power of being true to oneself. FLØRE continues to emerge as a multifaceted artist, blending elements of sensuality, personal power, and defiance against societal norms, all set to an engaging, modern electronica meets pop soundscape.


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October 13, 2023


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