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Grian Chatten : Chaos For The Fly Review

Grian Chatten : Chaos For The Fly Review

Grian Chatten’s Web Of Songs: Chaos For The Fly

Grian-Chatten-Sound-In-Review-CDGrian Chatten, the expressive vocalist who fronts Ireland’s powerhouse quintet, Fontaines D.C., ventures off the well-trodden path to bring us his solo debut, Chaos For The Fly. This detour isn’t an abandonment of his roots, but rather a bold exploration of a side road. Immersed in the swirl of a relentless touring cycle, Chatten found solace in his own creative space, crafting this collection of nine introspective tracks.

The experience of listening to Chaos For The Fly is akin to traversing a sonic topography, where each peak and valley uncovers new textures, colors, and emotions. Here, Chatten strips away the abrasiveness that characterized Fontaines D.C.’s anthems, revealing a fresh palette of sound that is just as riveting and evocative. If Fontaines D.C. is a tumultuous storm, then Chaos For The Fly is the gentle rain that follows, marking the dawn of Chatten’s solo voyage.

The opening track, “The Score,” introduces us to this new realm with a moody synth swell, the sound elegantly cradling Chatten’s gentle vocal timbre. Songs like “Last Time Every Time Forever” and “Fairlies” employ innovative time signatures and song structures, reinforcing Chatten’s knack for shattering conventions. Meanwhile, the track “Bob’s Casino” is a nostalgic nod to the ’70s pop era, showcasing Chatten’s versatility and his ability to bring contrasting influences into a cohesive whole.

Of course, Chatten’s venture wouldn’t be complete without the backing of a talented ensemble. Producer Dan Carey, Fontaines drummer Tom Coll, and guest vocalist and his fiancée, Georgie Jesson, all contribute their unique touches to the album, adding depth and nuance to the overall sound.

Each song on this album is a story in itself, weaving tales of small-town lives, the cutthroat music industry, and the complexities of human failings. The echoes of Dublin’s influences are noticeable throughout, adding authenticity and context to Chatten’s lyrical musings.

Chaos For The Fly resonates on a deeply personal level and shows Chatten’s ability to channel his experiences, his anxieties, and his genius into a body of work that challenges norms and invites us into his world. In addition, the album gives us many moods of Chatten’s vocal style and sounds.

Closing the album, “Season For Pain” culminates in a beautiful amalgamation of all the key sonic elements introduced throughout the album, creating an impactful moment that firmly etches this debut into the listener’s mind. The album as a whole could be compared to the intimate storytelling of artists like Liam Gallagher, yet it remains uniquely Chatten’s in its execution.

In the grand scale of music, where does Chaos For The Fly land? If the music scene were a novel, then this album would be a chapter worth revisiting, time and again. While Chaos For The Fly is undoubtedly a fascinating journey into Chatten’s artistry, there’s still room for growth. Although Chatten’s songwriting is adept, showcasing an array of narratives, it could benefit from more depth and distinction to truly resonate with listeners on an emotive level. While many tracks are engaging, they occasionally fall short of being wholly memorable, lacking the instant hook or unique melody that embeds a song firmly in the listener’s consciousness. Hence, the album lands a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Chaos For The Fly bustles with the energy of music that lies beneath the surface of convention, waiting to be discovered, waiting to stir the soul. Here’s to Grian Chatten, the weaver of sonic tales, who’s turned chaos into something we’d all want to fly into. So, dear reader, are you ready to get caught in the web?



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Grian Chatten

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Chaos For The Fly

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June 30, 2023


Partisan Records

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