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The Ivy : Street Dog Review

The Ivy : Street Dog Review

The-Ivy-SIR-CDIn the bustling indie-pop music scene, a song emerges every once in a while that encapsulates a moment, a feeling, a shared experience. “Street Dog” by The Ivy is one such song—a moody sojourn through lanes of introspection and self-discovery. As the first notes play, you’re immediately enveloped in a low-fi drum pattern, reminiscent of those old cassette tapes we’d play on loop. But, when those vocals kick in? Pure auditory bliss in high def.

One might argue, “Is it the hazy guitars that set the tone, or the punchy vocals that tug at the heartstrings?” The answer, my fellow music enthusiasts, is both. The Ivy, known for their dreamy synth-pop vibes, surprises, and delights as they lean into a grittier, angsty alternative rock persona. Isn’t it fascinating how a duo can seamlessly transition from one mood to another, taking the listener along for the roller-coaster ride? The crescendo, peaking with a guitar solo that is engaging and electrifying, is the musical embodiment of that age-old adage: It’s not the destination, but the journey.

Drawing inspiration from street dogs in Mexico, this track moves past the canines and cobblestone streets. No, it delves deeper, exploring those gnawing feelings of jealousy, the fear of lagging behind in life’s race. Yet, by the song’s climax, there’s an epiphany—a realization that perhaps, just perhaps, having it all figured out isn’t the utopia we imagined. Remember that iconic scene from our beloved 90s movies where the protagonist has an ‘aha’ moment? “Street Dog” is the musical equivalent of that.

And speaking of the 90s, their latest music video for “Good Faith” is an exquisite ode to the era. With quirky edits and a touch of nostalgia, it’s like flipping through a beloved old photo album, where each frame tells a story. Directed by the talented Celebe Severo, it’s a visual treat that complements the duo’s sonic narrative.

Let’s not forget the dynamic duo behind The Ivy: Wyatt Clem and Shawn Abhari. Their journey, from their musical childhood to meeting at the Academy of Contemporary Music, adds layers of authenticity to their sound. With influences ranging from indie-rock to the soulful cadences of R&B and blues, The Ivy has crafted a sound that’s both unique and universal.

The Ivy is a promising indie pop duet that burst onto the scene in 2017; this dynamic duo has consistently delivered tracks that resonate, both emotionally and technically. From their viral hits to their memorable performances, The Ivy is driven by passion and authenticity in music.

In conclusion, “Street Dog” is a single with an experience. It invites you to reflect, to feel, and most importantly, to embrace the journey. So, fellow music lovers, next time you feel the weight of expectations bearing down on you, pop in those earphones, play “Street Dog,” and let The Ivy remind you that life is all about the ride, not the destination.


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Artist Name

The Ivy

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Street Dog

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October 20, 2023



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