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Kate Vogel : Rain Review

Kate Vogel : Rain Review

kate-vogel-sirWith the voice of an angel, Kate Vogel is a vocalist and songwriter that puts a lot of emotion and life experiences into her lyrics. Vogel was noticed for her singing abilities at the age of sixteen. As a result, she went to Nashville, Tennessee, to record her first record. That dream soon turned into a nightmare when a sexual predator toke Vogel’s innocence from her. That led to her not singing for nine years! She has finally turned that into a positive force and is now releasing music. Her debut single, “Reasons to Stay,” deals with her encounter with suicide. Her second single titled, “The Grave,” is about the funeral of her best friend who died in a car crash. Now she is releasing her third single, “Rain.” Her lyrics convey a message of one may not know when the storm will blow over, so go ahead and dance in the rain.

“Rain” is focused on Vogel’s beautifully warm and charismatic voice and her storytelling lyrics. The instrumentation is sparse, which adds an emotional focus on Vogel’s delivery and inflection in her singing. The haunting pedal steel adds the right emotion to Vogel’s lyrics. The vocal harmonies articulate the lyrics too. The song unfolds like a story with various instruments coming in to build the song’s sonic characters. Vogel moves to her upper register at the end of the song to develop the climax. Her voice is warm and inviting throughout her vocal register.

Music has the ability to heal, and Vogel has discovered its power and is using it for good in her life and sharing her gift with all of us. Her gift of a beautiful voice and the ability to write emotional lyrics paired with memorable melodies is something special. She is on the road to much success.


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Kate Vogel

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December 8, 2019


Laurel Street


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