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Madison Beer : Silence Between Songs Review

Madison Beer : Silence Between Songs Review

Madison-Beer-SIR-CdWhat a time to be alive in the realm of music! Where most pop artists are pouring out carbon copies of a sound that’s as stale as last week’s bread, Madison Beer breaks through the fog like a breath of fresh mountain air. Let’s talk about her latest album, Silence Between Songs, a project that is breathing life into pop while offering us something tantalizingly close to transformation. Grab your smartphones and open your favorite streaming app, because we’re about to take a whimsical journey into Beer’s sonic wonderland.

Madison Beer’s sophomore album is fresh off the Epic Records press, and its title captures her philosophy about personal growth in the moments of silence between the hustle and bustle. With musical nods to idols like Tame Impala and Lana Del Rey, Beer is molding her voice into an identifiable sound of rich emotional hues and organic timbres. I aim to unwrap this multilayered gem, unearthing its profound thematic elements and innovative compositional techniques.

“Organic, Emotional, Fresh”—three words that set the stage for this album. Imagine savoring a perfectly balanced craft cocktail—not too sweet or bitter, just right. That’s what Beer achieves with Silence Between Songs. The album leans into organic vocals and real instrumentation, evoking the enchanting resonances often found in Disney soundtracks and the nostalgia of classic rock. The singing exhibits Beer’s impressive vocal talents and ability to guide us through each song’s emotional story.

Ah, “Spinnin,” where do I even begin? Let’s talk about the existential quandary that’s wrapped up in this introspective track. It’s as if Beer is leading us through a labyrinth of her mind, where each turn presents a philosophical question or a reflective pause. Beer’s vocal quality and range are impressive as she leads us through the catchy melody with her classy elegance.

The production quality is balanced, organic, and clear, with moments of punchy, clean guitars reminiscent of the ’60s, building drums, and extensive flowing passages of gloriously orchestrated backing vocal pads. Did someone say, “Fresh chord progressions?” Madison and her production crew have excavated the fossils of age-old pop stale harmonic devices and breathed new life into them. Beer’s voice soars, untainted by auto-tune – This queen’s got pipes for days, no cap.

How can something so reckless be deeply profound? Welcome to the complicated, emotionally charged world of “Sweet Relief.” Here, Beer is a tightrope walker precariously balancing between emotional dependency and the complexities of attraction. The track is a simmering pot of warm electric guitars, a resonant bass sound with a growl, and effective use of handclaps, all harmoniously blended by an organic, top-notch production team.

The vocal melody evolves; it’s not static; it’s alive, much like the love story she’s narrating. What I find irresistible is how the song offers multiple layers of interpretation, making it a darling for both the casual listener and the musical scholar. Okay, real talk—when Madison Beer takes us through the song a second time, she’s not just revisiting old ground. No, she’s terraforming it. She actually evolves the melody itself, altering notes and reaching for different registers that add an extra layer of emotion. Imagine her as an artist, but instead of adding a few brushstrokes to an existing painting, she’s switching out colors and even adjusting the canvas size. This is no lazy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V job. The result? A track so dynamically rich that hitting ‘repeat’ is like finding an unseen pic in your favorite Instagram influencer’s feed every time you listen.

You know that feeling when you unlock a new filter on Snapchat and your selfies go from zero to a hundred? Every listen is a new filter for your ears. Silence Between Songs does the same, evoking a myriad of emotions with every spin. It’s a cocktail of soul-searching, existential musings, and emotional rollercoasters, shaken, not stirred. The singing is smooth across the fourteen tracks, with Beer exhibiting real vocal talent and restraint, following each song’s emotive theme.

This album marks a watershed moment for Madison Beer. There is no denying her evolving artistry and growth in sonic palate. Silence Between Songs is like that epic season finale that leaves you dying to hit ‘Follow’ because you can’t wait to see what Madison drops next. It says, “Look, here’s how you can freshen pop music.” A challenge I hope many will accept.

So, in a world drowning in formulaic pop tunes, is Madison Beer’s Silence Between Songs worth your time? In the words of a master infomercial pitchman, “But wait, there’s more!” Not only should you listen to it, but you should also embrace it as a blueprint for what chill pop music can be—innovative, emotionally complex, and, above all, authentic.


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Madison Beer

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Silence Between Songs

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September 15, 2023


Epic Records

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