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Matt Goss : The Beautiful Unknown Review

Matt Goss : The Beautiful Unknown Review

matt-goss-cdMatt Goss is releasing his new solo album, The Beautiful Unknown, launching an exciting new solo chapter in the British pop music legend’s career, following a resurgence of recognition off the back of 2018’s BAFTA-winning documentary After The Screaming Stops. Goss spent 30 years living in the US, between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but recently returned home to London. As one-half of BROS, the global chart-topping, cultural pop phenomenon, Goss has amassed 16+ million album sales, with their debut album Push going 4x Platinum in the UK and hitting #1 in 22 countries. The younger of the BROS siblings, Matt Goss, is officially the youngest artist to sell out and headline Wembley Stadium and a joint world record holder for selling out two nights at London’s O2 Arena in just seven seconds. Goss’ charming singing takes on fresh perspectives by presenting eleven pop-dance-orientated songs styled with modern, slick pop productions and dance beats.

“Saved” is a slick R&B groove with dance influences featuring Goss’ smooth vocal style. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of betrayal. One can hear the sincerity that Goss sings with, conveying the emotions of lost love from betrayal with clarity and intensity. However, with the upbeat groove and catchy melody, Goss also confirms that after the pain has settled, we often find a love that is even more profound.

“Better With You” offers Goss’ soulful voice in a pop synth vibe. Though Goss is undoubtedly devoted to style and pop culture, he still maintains class and sincerity. This song has elements of Bros, but with Goss’ stamp of creativity and punch. The synth sounds and driving bass offer a little dance floor flavor for a fun sing-a-long and body gyrating. What else do you need, I mean, really?

The Beautiful Unknown is Goss’ crystallization of his musical vision with soul, dance, pop, and techno. His message is heavier on the positive side, and the melodies are muscular and ornamented with hooks. His lyrics engage, and his stylish personality comes through. The Beautiful Unknown has many high points and is very fashionable.


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Artist Name

Matt Goss

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The Beautiful Unknown

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March 25, 2022


Lewisham Records

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