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Ofenbach Review

Ofenbach Review

ofenbach-sirOfenbach is a French DJ duo, consisting of Dorian Lo and César de Rummel. The Paris based duet hit with their gold-certified song “Be Mine,” charted on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart at 35. Soon after, Ofenbach released “Around the Fire” and “You Don’t Know Me.” Their solid beats and robust production have gained support from artists such as Robin Schulz and Tiesto. They are also known for remixing songs from Bob Sinclar, Hyphen Hyphen, and James Bay. The duet is back with a six track EP titled, Ofenbach. For their self-titled EP, the duet has brought in four guest artists; Tim Rogers, Alexandre Joseph, Benjamin Ingrosso and Tyler Sjöström.

“Rock It” opens the EP with a brilliant acoustic bass line that is soon joined by full beats and a pleasing male/female vocal melody. The beat is certainly dance floor ready and the production is chalked full of a solid variety of sounds and parts. Ofenbach does not over saturate their music, but instead, they keep things clear and open. This allows each part to be savored and enjoyed. The clarity also brings to light the catchy melodies the duet creates.

“I Got Burned” features Tim Rogers on vocals. His singing style uses a lot of breaths that add a percussive quality to the music and combine that with Ofenbach’s rich production, and you have a dance selection that is a hit. The funky/bluesy guitar adds a lot to the track and keeps the music sounding fresh and organic. The steady bass and beats are contagious as the many layers come in to build the energy. Ofenbach has a writing style that is balanced with feel changes and orchestrations. The synths, horns and guitar really add to the texture and energy of “I Got Burned.”

It’s easy to spot why Ofenbach has quickly garnered a solid reputation. Their outstanding production values and creative ideas add up to a high energy listen that will take you through the work day, or pump up that traffic filled commute home. Their self-titled EP hits all the right spots.


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April 12, 2019



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