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Rob Thomas: Chip Tooth Smile Review

Rob Thomas: Chip Tooth Smile Review

rob-thomas-sirChip Tooth Smile is the fourth studio album by singer Rob Thomas.  It is his first album in four years, following his 2015 release, The Great Unknown.   The album is produced by Butch Walker and was shaped by Thomas’ 1980s influences as well as “the pop-rock songs for which he’s become so well-known.” Thomas stated that while making the album, he was doing so for his primarily for fans and not to necessarily draw in those who had not previously heard his music. Though born in Landstuhl, West Germany, at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, to Bill Thomas, a United States Army sergeant, his family’s home base was in South Carolina.   Thomas has contributed songs for such well known artists as: Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Marc Anthony, Pat Green, Taylor Hicks, Travis Tritt and Daughtry.  In 2004, the Songwriters Hall of Fame awarded Thomas its first Hal David Starlight Award, recognizing young songwriters who have already had a lasting influence in the music industry.

The album features many significantly well-written tunes. “One Less Day (Dying Young)” opens the album with a strong pulse and Thomas’ round and warm voice. With lush vocal backgrounds and a slight influence of world inflections, the track is catchy from start to finish. The tune takes us on a journey of various feels and instrumental textures. Each section allows the listener to drink in the warm and resonate vocals, combined with rhythms that makes you feel good and want to dance. The lyrics are motivating, which is a nice thing in today’s music scene. The tune shows that Thomas is expanding his music, but it still has all the elements that fans cling to Thomas  –  wonderful, strong vocals, catchy melodies and lyrics that are emotive.

“The Worst In Me” has that sound that many Thomas fans with instantly recognize, with its strumming acoustic guitar and Thomas’ full vocals. The tune builds through each section with layering in of various instruments and vocal backgrounds. The chorus has a melody that is active rhythmically, but very easy to singalong with, which you will do throughout your day, no doubt. The bridge is a nice change and builds nicely back to the chorus. The last chorus has interesting vocal counterpoint. This is perfect blend of styles encapsulated in a pop rock format that present Thomas’ pleasing voice in all its rich sonority will captivate you.

Thomas has certainly proven his salt. His songwriting is top-shelf and memorable on many levels. His performances on Chip Tooth Smile are endearing and lasting.  His artistry will certainly appeal to fans who already love and adore his sound, my hope is with his continued releasing more fans will delight in his easy going sound.  He is an outstanding artist, putting forth music that is heartfelt and unforgettable.

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Rob Thomas

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Chip Tooth Smile

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April 26, 2019


Atlantic Records

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