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Stick&Bow : Studio Piccolo Sessions Review

Stick&Bow : Studio Piccolo Sessions Review

stick&bow-cdStick&Bow is a forward-thinking duet comprised of Canadian marimba player Krystina Marcoux and Argentinian cellist Juan Sebastian Delgado. The classically trained musicians strive to present a broad spectrum of musical styles, ranging from rock to gypsy-jazz, baroque, or tango. “The trailblazing Montreal duo that plays everything from Bach to Radiohead” (CBC Music’ The Intro) also has an eclectic repertoire featuring original arrangements of some of the most celebrated works in history. Stick&Bow is also strongly committed to our time’s music, commissioning works that are daring yet accessible from composers Luis Naon, Camille Pépin, Luna Pearl Woolf, Jason Noble Marcelo Nisinman, Jean-Pierre Drouet, and more. Stick&Bow are now releasing their album titled Studio Piccolo Sessions, which was recorded at the prestigious Studio Piccolo in the heart of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This album presents works by Sting, Pau Casals, Luis Naon, Jason Noble, and Carlos Puebla.

The dynamic duo brings Jason Noble’s (1972 – 2012): Folk Suite for Cello & Marimba to life with their technical finesse and energetic performances. The fifth movement, “Jig,” is a fun melody that is active and displays the two performers’ clean and balanced style. They convey the nuances of the folk narrative and intricate ornamentation of the tones. The music has a flow that playfully plays with the push and pulls of time and captures Newfoundland and Labrador’s folk traditions. The added sounds of percussion by Marcoux are a nice color. With an active melody for the cello, Delgado brings out the articulation and finesse with ease.

“She’s Too Good for Me” by Sting is a fitting closing statement to the album. The arrangement gives equal weight to both marimba and cello. The feel is buoyant, and both players perform with joy and power. The dynamic range of the duet is a central part of the arrangement. Sonically the cello and marimba convey the different timbres and textures of the song and mix classical and jazz elements to further add color and hues.

Stick&Bow brings an expansive soundscape to the classical genre with their new album Studio Piccolo Sessions. Both performers have a lovely sound and exhibit a vast array of abilities on their instruments. More importantly, the two create a balanced and exciting sound together that charges the music with joy and excitement.


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Studio Piccolo Sessions

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April 9, 2021


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